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Optimum Performance: How to preserve muscle mass while on a 'cut diet'

Body fat certainly serves a purpose, cushioning the organs and an energy source. Yet, excess visceral abdominal fat can send out inflammatory signals - adipokines - throughout the body - potentially lighting up your arteries like a Christmas tree.  

Many athletes with weight classification restrictions will resort to "cut diets" to make weight. Caloric-restricted diets art often used by athletes participating in aesthetic sports such as dance, diving, gymnastics, and bodybuilding, or in weight class sports, such as wrestling, boxing and martial arts, according to "The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research." 

Some of the most severe weight restrictions, in my experience, are with horse jockeys - who may resort to laxatives, purging, or saunas before a race weigh-in. 

In certain cases, overweight NFL players, particularly linemen with weight restriction clauses in their contracts, might resort to unorthodox weight cutting practices prior to weekly weigh-ins. NFL cheerleaders often have weight restrictions as well. 

What is a good quality whey protein for weight gain?

I work out 4 days a week, looking to gain muscle mass. I'm looking for a good quality, good taste whey protein isolate product that will allow me to gain muscle. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

Focus on your nutrition and your workouts first:) Try for high quality chemical free whey protein minus the fillers and additives. BUT note your muscle gain will be due to stimulus form weights and your nutrition. Good luck

Does the quality of whey protein impact building muscles?

Well.. I'd figured protein is protein whether if it's from Wal-Mart or if its from an online high quality source of protein. What is the main difference between "High Quality" Protein and Just Whey Protein from Wal-Mart?

Is there

The protein is the same, it's just the nutrition and taste is different.