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Whey protein......?

hi frns can anyone tell me how to take one scoop of ON Whey Protein...the scoop is as big as half a glass....i was kinda shocked..but u cant take that much with a one glass after workout....currently i jst use a normal spoon since whey protein doesnt

I'm not familiar with the brand. Perhaps what you have is a "weight gainer"? Basically it isn't just whey, it is a bunch of sugars and other things to make you gain weight (or get fat as the case may be).

Most quality whey brands

it dissolves fine for me. the scoop holds only some ounces. put it in a shaker or blender if you want. to be big you have to eat big

Put it in a blender with milk and maybe ice-cream for extra flavour. that is good milk shake and very healthy and everything evens out.

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*I use chocolate Whey Protein

I just bought osme whey protein, but i have a question about quantity and time?

im 6'1 270 and a good bit muscular, but im trying to bulk up more but i dont know how much protein to take and how many times to take it a day becasue i've got conflicting responses
i go to the gem every day to every other day and i know to take

I know a friend who takes it everytime before going to the gym. I guess it just depends on how often you go.

You want to split up your protein intake evenly throughout the day. This way, your body always has a steady supply of protein so you can build muscle around the clock. You want to split your protein intake into 5-6 meals a day roughly 3 hours apart. It