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Trend of Online Consumption among Young People: Health, Pets


Young people born after 1990 are now pioneers of exploring fashion and defining trends with their consumption habits and living styles.

CBN Data , a data platform of China Business Network Co., Ltd, published a report on June 14 analyzing the online consumption habits of young people using big data during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Asia exhibition 2018.

Young people born after 1990 are gradually comprising the majority of the workforce in the current job market. The report shows that with their average salary increasing, luxury goods have become a target for their consumption, such as branded bags, expensive cosmetics and high-end skin care products.

Several branded bags in particular are popular among them. Based on the records of Moschino, Loewe, and Marni were the top three brands sold in 2017.

People's pursuit of health has also increased the public's passion for fitness, and the young are fond of nurturing healthy living habits by regularly doing exercise. As such, the online sales volume of sporting goods keeps increasing annually.

Can whey protein help women tone muscles while also losing weight?

I was thinking of buying some whey protein to make shakes to take after working out and maybe replace meals. My goal is to lose 5 lbs. and tone up my abs, legs, arms etc. I don't want huge muscles so what kind of protein will help me accomplish this.

Yes, it can but make sure you are consuming a chemical free whey protein I prefer to take mine post workout. I use a whey from I use the unflavored pure whey.

Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese-making. It is the liquid that is drained away to leave the cheese. You would get as much benefit from eating a slice of cheese as you would get from a scoop of whey protein. But it doesn't sound as "cool"

Is whey protein good for women too? I workout in gym for an hour or so and intend to lose weight.?

Just today I have bought a whey protein box and intend to start consuming from tomorrow. Is there any side effects for women? I am a total veggie hence protein intake is very less. In fact I have lost a lot of hair which I feel is due to very little

Yup, I use whey protein isolate and it's very good for women. I have had no side effects and it has been helped me greatly to tone. I intake 2 scoops (50g of protein) after I workout.

Although, since I am using a pure form of protein then

Why would there be side effects for women? It's just milk protein.

It must be good for veggie. For hair instead shapoo use pure coconut oil hybiscus leave and flowers in it - heated after adding to oil will give good results. If u feel the hair oily use powdered green gram powder to wash.