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Expert calls warnings about high protein intake 'nonsense'

Strength athletes consume high dosages

High- and ultra-high protein dosages have been the norm for Antonio’s target audience—primarily but not exclusively strength athletes—for years.

The DRI for protein intake as set by health authorities is 0.8 grams per kilo of bodyweight per day. For a sedentary 80 kg person that would work out to 64 grams. Most nutritionists advocate that people who are actively exercising consume more, with a standard recommendation for our 80 kg example coming in at around 145 grams.

Athletes concerned with increasing strength or muscle size frequently have consumed far more protein. Higher dosages start at 2.2g/kg or and go up from there, which would equate to about a 175 gram dose for our 80 kg body weight example.

Antonio said these high dosages have been viewed with suspicion for years. Too much protein, like too much of anything, just has to be bad for you, right?

“We’ve heard for years that too much protein

Will will the weight go from Whey Protein Weight Gainer?

I need to gain weight..but i don't want to gain it in my stomach. I workout a lot...and do squats and upper body (not many reps..high weights). I'm thinking about taking Whey Protein Weight Gainer, but where will that weight go? Do you recommend it? I'm

Weight goes wherever your body wants it to go. There is no way to spot reduce or gain weight other than through surgery.

The body takes what resources you give it and moves it where you need it in order to survive. Sounds drastic but your body changes based on natural selection. So if you want the resources you give your body to go to your arms you need to make your body

Weight Gainer cheaper than Whey protein?

Why does weight gainer soooo cheap compared to whey protein. Weight gainer got more protein (50g) and $38 for 12lb. While 10lb whey protein is $65 average.

Steve...check the serving size! 2 lbs of weight gainer is good for about 6 to 8 servings. 2 lbs of whey is good for about 20 to 24 servings. Why? Weight gainer is filled with a lot of complex (and some brands use simple!!) carbs like ground oatmeal, etc.

well perhaps because the ingredients are not as advanced and more junk in the weight gainer.... sure the weight gainer has more protein.. and more carbs.. its not as sophiscated

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