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Freshman Focus: Amari Gainer, the 'QB killer'

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida State Willie Taggart didn’t travel far for his first stop on the recruiting trail.

The same day he was  announced as the Seminoles’ head coach, Taggart made the short drive to the north side of town to meet linebacker Amari Gainer , the bell cow of FSU’s 2018 recruiting class and the son of former FSU standout Herb Gainer.

Gainer was a priority for Taggart, an essential ingredient to salvaging FSU’s class. Taggart had to sell himself to Gainer, and that didn’t take long. Once he got the vocal linebacker secured during the in-home visit, Taggart was able to begin targeting other recruits while having Gainer in the fold as a pseudo-recruiter as well.

“I could ride a bike over to his house and see him,” Taggart said. “He's a kid that really loves Florida State and has done a great job trying to establish the recruiting class. The kid is awesome.

“Just talking with other recruits, and when you meet him, you see the glow in his eyes when he talks about Florida State University. He gets you fired up as a coach. Like this is the right guy to have. So being a legacy kid, first and foremost, is big time. Then just his passion for our university was huge.”

weight gainer??

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i personally would not recommend taking a weight gainer because they lack a lot of essential nutrients..and you may be gaining more fat than anything else. Try eating a lot of whole foods to achieve the amount of calories that a weight gainer would give

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Weight Gainer?

I stack with Leukic and Gakic and take MuscleMilk before and after i work out...I have established some dense lean muscle but want to add more mass to them..bulk up a little bit more... I want to still take atleast Leukic and Gakic maybe MuscleMilk but

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they have some stuff at gnc. its like a sports shake and they range from having like 1400 to 2200 calories each.