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    Body Fortress® Super Whey Protein, Vanilla, 5 Pounds
    Health and Beauty (Body Fortress)

    Body Fortress

    List Price: $34.49
    Price: $33.88
    You Save: $0.61 (2%)

    • Premium Whey Protein to build lean muscle & strength**
    • 12g of naturally occurring BCAA's from Protein*
    • Amino Acids - plus Creatine for improved training recovery**
    • Contains zero aspartame - zero gluten - zero gimmicks
    • Zero added soy protein***

    EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate, 5lb Tub, 30 grams of Whey Protein Per Serving (Packaging May Vary)
    Health and Beauty (EAS)


    List Price: $40.59
    Price: $37.19
    You Save: $3.40 (8%)

    • NO ADDED SUGAR OR FILLERS: 100% of the protein in our powder is from whey with no fillers, proprietary blends or sugar added. NSF tested and certified
    • RECOVER: Each serving of protein powder delivers 7.3 grams of BCAAs to stimulate protein synthesis and help repair muscle damage
    • BUILD MUSCLE: One serving of EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder provides 30 grams of high quality protein to help you build muscle and recover quickly
    • USE: Consume within 30 minutes after strenuous exercise to help repair and rebuild muscles. Also available as a ready-to-drink protein shake.
    • NSF tested and certified

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TODAY ONLY: Save up to 50% on EAS protein powders, nutrition shakes and bars, and more. EAS products help build lean muscle and help you reach your fitness goals. EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate, 5lb Tub (More Sizes Available) · $40.49.

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NOW Foods Issues Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Whey Protein Concentrate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Bloomingdale, IL – July 2, 2009 – NOW Foods has issued a voluntary recall for NOW Foods products containing whey protein concentrate due to potential Salmonella contamination. This is an extension of the voluntary recall 

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Parag Milk Foods launches new whey protein product in India

The company produces a range of both traditional dairy products and local specialities, including ghee, milk, paneer, dahi, curd, butter, dairy whitener and gulab jamun mix under its Gowardhan brand alone.

It also makes the Topp Up brand of flavoured milk with a higher protein content, which the company launched last year.

Speaking at the time of Topp Up’s launch, Parag Milk Foods chairman Devendra Shah said: “We constantly focus on research and development to distinguish ourselves from our competitors to enable us to introduce new products based on consumer preferences and demand. We intend to increase the share of our value-added product portfolio by focusing on health and nutrition to cater to evolving consumer trends.

“We believe that we can increase our margins by focussing on increasing sales of our value-added products and that such initiatives will assist us in further diversifying our business.”

The latest move in that strategy is to launch the new Avataar line, which taps into the increasingly mainstream appeal of whey protein products.

Just got Optimum Nutriotion Natural Whey Protein 5lb. and opened to find out that it wasnt all the way full.?

is that suppose to happen ? the plastic seal surrounding the cap was there, but under the cap the paper seal was off.... uhh someone tell me whether or not that is suppose to happen

Thank you in advance.
and is there a reason why

It is sold by weight not volume, like they say on the cereal boxes, some settle may occur. If you are really concerned you might have been ripped off weigh it and find out. A lot of manufacturers make the package larger than the product to get people

Manufacturing error. Return it, but first call teh company to complain. They will send you loads of coupons.

That is normal.

They don't fill it to the top to begin with, and then the powder always settles and compacts during shipping and handling, so when you finally get it, it looks like its only half full.

Totally normal.

Does ON 5lb tub whey protein come with a scoop?

I'm curious because the nutri label says 1 serving is a scoop.
And when I opened the tub, there was no visible scoop. Is it buried under all the powder or is there no scoop inside?

It's buried in there, which is pretty typical for product like that when it gets shipped and is moved a lot.

Poor the powder in a pitcher to get the scoop out, then poor the powder back in.