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Fischer's path to politics fueled by grit, determination

She slowed and steered her Oldsmobile Bravada into a driveway three hours from her familiar with in Valentine, because she was working to win a seat in the Nebraska Legislature, and that seat happened to be in a north-key Nebraska district that was roughly

Bedford, New Hampshire

He's fit and tan from hours of golf and tennis, every cut b stop sun-bleached-brown hair in place. He gets along with his .. One morning this summer, Tyler hangs out in his buddy Kyle's office at Dyn Inc., a tech company in downtown Manchester. It

What's spurring Kerrey's Senate run? Chance to tackle DC gridlock

And it's all to get back to a U.S. Senate that his former colleagues understand him isn't the same place he left in 2001 — one so gripped by a toxic, intransigent partisanship it's just about impossible to get anything done. "Don't do this," some former

Stories of the disappeared

Early on Aug. 13, 1987, Jill Cutshall's stepmother saw the 9-year-old laying out her clothes -- jeans and a purple shirt -- in their Norfolk apartment.

It was the last time she would see her stepdaughter.

Three months later, a hunter would find those clothes, along with the girl's underwear, shoes and keys, in a wildlife area a dozen miles southeast of town, near Stanton.

And a Norfolk man, David Phelps, would be given a life sentence for kidnapping her nearly 30 years ago.

But his trial left so many questions.

“We've never determined exactly what happened to Jill,” Norfolk Police Chief Bill Mizner said.

He started as chief 11 days after Jill was reported missing and remembers walking into a nearly empty police department. Everyone, he learned, was in the basement: police officers, investigators, deputies, State Patrol troopers, FBI agents. A captain at the head of the table was going over assignments.

They paused briefly so someone could introduce him. Then they got back to work.