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Ex-principal offers apology in school corruption case

DETROIT — A former school  principal in Detroit is bucking a trend set by some of her peers in a sensational corruption case.

Beverly Campbell says didn't make a mistake, but rather knowingly did something wrong : She took bribes from a vendor to the detriment of her students and lined her own pockets while doing it.

"A mistake occurs when you do something incorrectly. The actions which bring me before you were not a mistake; they were wrong," Campbell, 67, wrote in a letter on file in U.S. District Court, where she will be sentenced Wednesday for taking $50,000 in kickbacks from a vendor as a thank-you for approving his phony invoices.

Unlike 10 other principals who were previously sentenced for the same crime, Campbell has conceded that she looked out for her own interests over those of her students and that, despite her age, her crime warrants a prison sentence. The other principals called their actions mistakes. One called himself a "hero," and several fought to stay out of prison.