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Fall Guide 2017

Is it fall yet?

As far as we’re concerned, it really couldn’t get here any sooner. Remember early last month when the Associated Press reported that longest consecutive stretch of 90-degree heat ever recorded in Reno had finally come to an end after 51 days? Yeah, it was only a couple of days after the National Weather Service announced that the temperature in Reno on Aug. 2 had reached 104 degrees, topping the old record of 101 set back in 1946.

Don’t get us wrong. We love summer and everything that comes with it, from Artown and Rollin’ on the River to Burning Man and floating on the river. It’s just getting late in the game, and we’re a little overheated. That’s why we’re glad it’s time for our annual Fall Guide—a manual to aid you through your journey back inside from the great outdoors. It’s full of recommendations for autumn entertainment. Happy reading!

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