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    • The Human Body Book (Book & DVD)
    • The Human Body Book (Book & DVD) [Apr 30, 2007] Steve Parker and Robert Winston ...

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Videos show violent arrest of man who Murrieta police say grabbed officer's gun

In an arrest captured on video by both a bystander and a store’s security cameras Tuesday night, Sept. 6, Murrieta police struggled to apprehend a man who they say twice tried to take an officer’s gun.

A blurry cellphone video appears to show the suspect being kicked by an officer and hit by a baton while thrashing on the ground – and then, after he goes limp, being hit several more times by the baton.

A woman's voice close to the camera can be heard saying, “Lord, please do not kill this dude.”

Police said the first officer who encountered the suspect suffered a broken hand, while the suspect ended up with cuts and bruises.

UPDATE: Murrieta police promise thorough review of violent, videotaped arrest

The video was shared on Facebook, including to the Murrieta Police Department’s page, until the person who shot the video asked that it be taken down Wednesday afternoon, according to the woman who posted it, Rosie Vincent. She