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Clean takes over green as small business catchphrase

Going green is a well-trotted catchphrase, so much so that its latest evolution “going clean” means products that don’t have chemical additives. In Los Gatos, several businesses are moving into the clean product space with offerings that range from skin care to hair care, and even food.

The Urban Remedy store, 104  University Ave., opened just before Thanksgiving and shows how the food industry is evolving. It sells fresh, organic, ready-to-eat meals, juices and snacks that have names like Cold Crusher and Booster Shot. Some Urban Remedy products are retailing at Whole Foods throughout Silicon Valley.

Those two may help your cold, while others hydrate your body. There are also salads and an herbal slimming tea.

“The tea tastes delicious,” Urban Remedy manager Kristine Maus said. “You take it 30 minutes before you eat, and it helps curb your appetite and aids digestion.”

Maus, who lives in Los Gatos, pointed out that all the store’s food products are organic and gluten-free, and are not genetically modified. There are also grain-free paleo options, plus pre-packaged free-range chicken and sustainably farmed salmon.