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    Nesti Dante Broom (Ginestra) Soap - Made in Italy
    Beauty (Nesti Dante)

    Nesti Dante

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    • Nesti Dante Broom (Ginestra) Soap
    • Made in Italy
    • One bar - Size is 250 grams

    Saponeria Nesti Firenze: "Il Marsiglietto" Red Grapes and Blueberry Vegetable Soaps * 3.5 Ounce (100gr) Packages (Pack of 12) * [ Italian Import ]
    Health and Beauty (Nesti Dante s.r.l.)

    Nesti Dante s.r.l.

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    Price: $26.00
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    • Especially recommended for the most sensitive skins
    • After using the soap your skin becomes soft, smooth and silky
    • Suitable for hands, face, shampoo and delicate washables
    • A true pleasure and peace of mind
    • Dermatologically tested, made in Florence (Italy)

American artist, 35, found dead in her apartment in Florence, Italy

A 35-year-old American woman who was living in Florence, Italy, was found dead in her apartment, and police are investigating it as a homicide.

Ashley Olsen, originally from Summer Haven, Fla., was found Saturday with bruises and scratches on her neck, according to the Associated Press. Italian media reports characterized her death as possibly from strangulation. Police were questioning her friends and her boyfriend, who local media described as a 40-year-old Italian artist.

The State Department Sunday confirmed Olsen's death. "We extend our deepest condolences to her loved ones," spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said.

The boyfriend discovered Olsen's body on the bed of her apartment after he hadn't heard from her for two days following an argument. He gained entrance with the assistance of the apartment owner, according to Italian media reports.

Olsen was a familiar presence in the Florence neighborhood of Santo Spirito, where she lived with her pet Beagle, Scout, according to The Associated Press. She had reportedly moved to the city a few years ago to be near her father, who is a professor there.

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