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Report says killer was a 'high risk to others'

“ Clearly all these factors indicated that Mr W was at high risk both to himself and, based on his forensic history, to others.

“Based on the analysis of the evidence presented, Caring Solutions’ investigation team have concluded that it was highly predictable that Mr W would offend again at some point either to fund his very extensive substance misuse and his unstable mental health.

“Additionally given Mr W’s history it was also highly predictable that he would be involved in violence towards others.

“However, what was not predictable was that Ian Dollery was going to be his victim.

“Tragically, and clearly of little comfort to his family, Ian Dollery just happened to be in his garage at the time when Mr W was walking past.”

Mr Dollery’s wife, Andrea, said: “They are saying it was likely Kay would hurt or kill someone, but they couldn’t predict it would be Ian. If it had not been Ian, it would be someone else. Kay was out of control, a dangerous lunatic.