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On Monday Maxwell joined Conliffe in a surprise trip to New York City courtesy of ABC’s The View. This was where the giving-back took place. Conliffe was featured for her work she does on 200 Fuller Street in Sulphur Springs. The nonprofit organization is helping children by providing food, life skills, mentorship, and motivation. What she didn’t know was that back in Sulphur Springs her organization was going to receive a huge makeover.

“My house is always full,” admitted Letitia Conliffe, in a recent interview with KSST. She cares for children ages two to 18.

A correspondent, Sean Giggy, from WFAA was waiting live in Sulphur Springs while Maxwell and Conliffe were in New York being interviewed live on The View on Tuesday.

“My mom did not say, ‘I love you’ to me,” said Conliffe, describing her reason for starting this club. “She would write it but never said it.” Conliffe felt like she wasn’t important and began running away from home, skipping school, and was living on the street as a teen mother.