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Andre Walker Hair Care Line

Oprah’s Hair Guru Debuts New Collection for Natural Hair

, And the hair stylist behind it took note. Andre Walker, Oprah's long time hair guru, will debut his first natural hair care system for women of color, The Gold System has launched and beauty insiders are already excited about the product. Walker sat down to chat with to talk about his new natural hair care system and gave us some expert tips on keeping our locks healthy. I love the fact that you have a product for natural, curly girls who may want to go straight as well. So many companies forget that wearing your hair straight doesn't mean it isn't natural ! What influenced you to include the Get It Straight Styling Crème?

AW: I agree with you that natural hair can also be worn straight, and yes, many companies forget that option. The Gold System is a complete system that allows you to get rid of all the clutter, all the mixing of products, trying to find good results that never really happen. With this system, you wash in clean moisture (sulfate free), condition in keratin strength, then choose the leave-in styling cream for natural kinks or curls, or the style cream for going straight with heat. That's it! And I love the gold and rich chocolate brown design, so I made sure that The Gold System looks good in your bathroom too!