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Andre Walker Hair Care Line

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    Terax Hair Care Hydrate Conditioner, 7 Fluid Ounce
    Beauty (Terax Hair Care)

    Terax Hair Care

    List Price: $17.59
    Price: $13.75
    You Save: $3.84 (22%)

    • Botanicals of chamomile and sage
    • Moisturizing conditioner spray
    • Color locking leave in conditioner

    Dove Damage Therapy Cool Moisture Conditioner, 40 Ounce, (Pack of 2)
    Beauty (Dove)


    List Price: $19.96
    Price: $19.96

    • nourishes dry, rough hair to restore softness
    • 2 pump bottles , 40 ounce each, total 80 ounces
    • Weightless formula
    • Advanced care and repair for beautiful hair
    • With Patented Micro Moisture Serum


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Do you know your hair type?

A simple answer to the question “what kind of hair do I have” can change the game. In fact, the health and death of your hair depends on whether or not you know your hair and its corresponding haircare and styling methods.

A product or style that may work for lady A may not necessarily work for lady B because of the difference in hair type and structure and also other factors such as  hair density  and  hair porosity.

Natural hair is diverse in texture and curl pattern. A chart developed by Andre Walker shows that natural hair can be classified into 4 categories/types with each category having subcategories apart from the first hair type or TYPE 1 hair which is just straight hair.

People of color or black people generally tend to be in the type four categories and sometimes type three too.  You might be wondering given this chart how one can know exactly what hair type he/she belongs to.