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Ramdev's Patanjali hits the GST-demonetisation bump after a period of solid growth

Patanjali is in need of some deft yoga moves.

After disrupting India’s consumer goods market over the last few years, sales seem to be sputtering at the ayurveda goods major which has of late made a killing from herbal toothpaste, soaps, and detergents.

It closed the financial year 2018 with revenues at the same level as the previous year, managing director Acharya Balkrisha told  the Mint newspaper . The company had earlier announced its plan to double its turnover to Rs20,000 crore in financial year 2018, up from the Rs10,500 crore it clocked in 2017.

“Lingering effects of demonetisation and the implementation of goods and services tax (GST) impacted growth,” Balkrisha told Mint in the interview published on May 18. “Besides, we invested our energy in developing infrastructure and supply chain during the year. This year, we focused on system development, and not just revenue growth.”

Do the Atheists at least know why some people like me believe in God?

why should we not believe in God when we are getting so much of benefits from Gods yoga. Like i have done tata to so much of diseases which i had got hehehe. People are also getting rid from diseases like cancer and overweight and white hairs. The results

The human body is capable of healing itself and there is no need for faith in a god to make this happen!
I do not believe in a god or gods, but I do believe that my body and my emotional being can either heal or harm depending how I use it. So

like almost every other atheist will tell you-
our goal is not to change YOUR beliefs. I DONT CARE
just dont try and push it onto others

Stretching cures cancer? Got any evidence for that claim?