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    Rio Cabello - The Only Sulfate & Paraben Free Conditioner (16 oz) with Argan Oil & 15 Natural Oils & Vitamins for Shiny, Healthy, Smooth, Non-Greasy, Beautiful, Frizz-Free Hair - Made in Los Angeles, CA
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    • Professional formula nourishes hair from root to tip delivered by Argan oil (moroccan oil), Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil & Olive oil.
    • Naturally transform dull-looking damaged hair caused by blow dryer, heat styling or hair coloring into healthy looking hair through the restorative effects of Keratin, 21 rich Amino Acids & our Vitamin Blend.
    • Made in Los Angeles, Rio Cabello Hair Masque is Paraben & Sulfate Free and is committed to Zero Animal Testing. Worry-Free Purchase: U.S. based customer service that'll put a smile on your face. Buy now and experience salon-style results.
    • Plant-powered nutrition defends against frizzy hair. Repairs split ends through the combined effect of Rosemary, Neem, Alkanet, and Biotin Oil with restorative Collagen complex and moisturizes scalp leaving you with healthy looking hair.
    • Bring your hair back to life with salon-quality hair treatment that makes hair soft, silky, and manageable with the only 12-Botanical Oil Advanced Complex.

    Rio Cabello - Keratin Hydrating Hair Mask - Argan, Coconut, + 10 More Exotic Oils (4.5 oz)
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    Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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    • A premium hair care line that we manufacture ourselves in Los Angeles, California. We have absolute and total control. We control the formulations and quality completely.
    • Naturally protects and transforms dry, damaged, dull-looking, frizzy hair caused by blow-drying, heat styling, smoothing and hair coloring - transforming it into healthier, shinier and smoother looking hair.
    • Paraben & Sulfate Free - committed to Zero Animal Testing. Worry-Free Purchase: U.S. based customer service that'll put a smile on your face. Buy now and experience salon-style results.
    • Prolongs the life and vibrancy of color, alleviates dryness and breakage, nourishes to prevent split ends, and leaves your hair glossy, smooth and with outstanding shine.
    • Nourishes your hair from the scalp to the ends by delivering our proprietary "12-21-KCV Formula Blend" which includes 12 exotic oils, 21 amino acids, Keratin, Collagen and uber-rich concentrations of high quality and quantity of vitamins A, C, D and E (we're fancy like that!)

'In Britain, You're Still Walking. In China, We're Running'

'In Britain, You're Still Walking. In China, We're Running' Mindful of the low-down that the Chinese super-economy is showing dangerous signs of stalling – mindful too of the myriad projected grievances about the environment, food safety, inflation, the punishing costs of lodgings, health care and education – the

That Moisturizer You're Slathering on Your Face Isn't Regulated

If you wanted to create a batch of homemade moisturizers and sell them online, you could go ahead and start—no paperwork, pre-market approval process, or registration required, says Dr. Steve Xu, a resident physician in the department of dermatology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

That’s because cosmetics, which fall under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration, are very lightly regulated. While the agency has some labelling requirements, companies can easily avoid listing a product’s ingredients by claiming doing so what give away trade secrets. What’s more, manufacturers don’t have to report health complaints to the FDA.

To identify potentially dangerous products, the agency relies on direct reports of adverse events from consumers. Understandably, these are pretty sparse (In 2014, the FDA opened an investigation into Wen Hair Care products after receiving 127 complaints that it caused hair loss. Unbeknownst to the agency, the company had already received more 21,000 complaints from consumers.)