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    Anti-Frizz Detangler, Leave-In Conditioner For Dry And Damaged Hair, Leave-In Detangler, Thermal Spray With Incredible Shine-B. The Product Leave It In 8oz.
    Beauty (B. The Product)

    B. The Product

    List Price: $22.93
    Price: $21.89
    You Save: $1.04 (5%)

    • <p>GET SHINE AND PROTECT YOUR HAIR COLOR!: This leave in conditioner for color treated hair contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera & Silk Amino Acids to help heal the hair shaft hair and close the cuticle to prevent your hair color from fading.</p>
    • <p>THREE-IN-ONE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: This is the best leave in conditioner for damaged hair, thermal protector and shine spray all-in-one. This leave in conditioner is recommended by stylists from all over the world. Curly hair? This is the best leave in conditioner for curly hair! It's weightless and effective. Get celebrity results with our leave in conditioner for dry frizzy hair. <br></p>
    • <p>BEST LEAVE IN HAIR TREATMENT: Most leave in hair conditioners fail to protect the hair shaft when it comes to heat styling. Vitamin B 12 is part of the structure of the hair, so maintaining proper level of B12 will help to increase the overall health of the hair.<br></p>
    • <p>HYDROLYZED SILK: It binds moisture, increases hair volume, and improves manageability and overall structure. This makes hot tools like flat irons and curling irons slide better while touching the hair making this the best leave in conditioner for straightening hair. </p>
    • <p>MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!-If our leave in hair conditioner does not satisfy you, you can return for a full refund through amazon customer service.</p>

    Knick Knack Gifts got Complaint? - 20oz Sturdy Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Silver
    Sports (Knick Knack Gifts)

    Knick Knack Gifts

    List Price: $21.89
    Price: $21.89

    • This water bottle is NOT Microwave or Dishwasher Safe. Handwash Only.
    • This is a classic stainless steel silver water bottle.
    • This water bottle has been re-designed now to be stronger and more durable!
    • This water bottle holds 20oz of cold liquids.

'In Britain, You're Still Walking. In China, We're Running'

'In Britain, You're Still Walking. In China, We're Running' Mindful of the low-down that the Chinese super-economy is showing dangerous signs of stalling – mindful too of the myriad projected grievances about the environment, food safety, inflation, the punishing costs of lodgings, health care and education – the

In depth: The art of dealing with Generation Z

For VML strategy director, Dave Di Veroli, Gen Z represents the “age of abundance”.

“Gen Z, like any other generation, is shaped by the culture and the technology that surrounds them. They are the first generation to grow up with computers in their pockets, delivering new ways to communicate, access information and be entertained. Their expectation is everything is in abundance and on-demand, making it a much more competitive landscape for brands to compete in,” he commented.

Di Veroli also labelled Gen Z the “generation of choice” and said it’s never been more difficult to capture attention.

“In an age of unparalleled choice - of content, channels and ways of communicating - the balance of power is firmly in their hands,” he said. “They no longer have to put up with ads to get to great content; they can skip over them on YouTube, fast forward them on TV or avoid them all together streaming Netflix. So where does that leave brands?

“Marketers need to shift from creating ads to creating experiences.”