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Hair Care Studio Bedford

Bedford, New Hampshire

. Tyler York lives in a untroubled space above a three-car garage. He has his own entrance and kitchenette stocked with Capri Sun and frozen bagels. There's a monarch-sized bed, a plush leather couch and a large, flat-shield TV

Event to Showcase Women-Owned Businesses

8 from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m., Women Promoting Women will announcer an evening to "celebrate extraordinary and gifted women who be or play a leading role in local business" at Bedford's Recorded Hall. Participants include artists, bakers, caterers, jewelers

Senior Sweethearts left stranded by Sandy

One object to cropped up Monday afternoon when a Minnesota woman in her 80s, who'd been ill the defunct few days, required special medical care and was transported to St. Anne's Medical centre. The woman with wavy blondish hair waved from a gurney as EMTs

Arthur Ashe Institute and Hair Salons Spread the Word on Health Risks and ...

One of its solutions: providing form care information through a place most people already trust their personal care to: barber shops and hair salons. With 400 participating locations in Philadelphia and New York Municipality, and a strong presence in

Hard hit to face injures woman, results in arrest

• Crystal meth was found in a car stopped for a light law violation Saturday night on Madison Street.

Digital scales and a butane torch lighter were also found in the car driven by Alton Bradford Thomas III, 28, of Parker Road,

Thomas was charged with possession of a schedule II drug and paraphernalia and was being held on $11,000 bond Monday,

• Meth was found in a vehicle at Sonic Drive-In, North Main Street, on Friday night,

Police found a bag containing meth, two uncapped needles and a burnt spoon in a car driven by Logan Alexander Farrar, 26, of Tullahoma, who was described in the report as "appearing disoriented."

*Marijuana was detected by police in a vehicle during a traffic stop early Sunday.

The drug's scent led to the arrest of Jonathan Andrew Buckley, 28, of Lexington, Tennessee, a rear seat passenger, who allegedly admitted ownership of 20.50 grams of marijuana in a backpack. The driver, who was not charged in the drug case, had been stopped for speeding 45 mph in a 30 mph zone on South Cannon Boulevard.