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    Bath & Bodyworks Twilight Woods Triple Moisture Body Cream 8oz
    Health and Beauty (Bath & Body works)

    Bath & Body works

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    • Twilight Woods Triple Moisture Body Cream
    • Very large tube 8oz 226g

    EARTHLITE Pneumatic Rolling Stool with Back Support, NS White
    Sports (Earthlite Massage Tables, Inc.)

    Earthlite Massage Tables, Inc.

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    • Heavy-duty wheels for ease of movement, rugged construction, a 3-Inch padded seat, and a range of upholstery colors
    • Weight Limit 350 lbs.
    • Height range of 19" to 28"
    • Heavy-duty wheels for ease of movement, rugged construction, a 3" padded seat, and a range of upholstery colors
    • Approximately 15 1/2" diameter
    • Height range of 19-Inch to 28-Inch

My Multiday Massage-a-Thon

My Multiday Massage-a-Thon I did a couples feeling with my wife at Paradise Body Works and Day Spa, where a woman named Rose worked on me. Rosita Messier is her Later, at the slightly more upscale Sambuca Current Apothecary, I got a blissful two-hour biodynamic facial/massage

New First Street Business Tans Clients Without Aging the Skin

Shiny Reef has two back rooms, the spa room where “we do the body work” and the surfer sheila room where the spray tan booth is located. Men are allowed in the surfer demoiselle room for their spray tans. “Our signature treatment in the spa leeway is the aroma

The Brief Guide to Massage's Role in Medical Spa

Today’s medical spa guest is seeking a one-stop facility that can deliver classic spa services as well as effective medical spa services and wellness programs.

This return to a blend of traditional spa services such as massage along with medical treatments offers the savvy physician or medical spa owner an opportunity to expand or enhance their present menu of services.

For the massage therapist this provides a unique employment opportunity that offers the best of both the spa and the medical setting.

Physician’s assistant Lauren Olson, PA-C, owner of Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care in The Woodlands, Texas, has integrated massage therapy services into her medical spa for more than a dozen years.

“We have offered massage from the beginning,” Olson said. “We do know that massage has many health benefits and is a natural extension of a wellness setting.”

Olson’s massage therapist has been on staff for 11 years and as the medical spa practice and services have grown, so has her role.