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A three day adventure with a free-range turkey

A three day adventure with a free-range turkey They say that the brine result causes the water to move into the meat via osmosis. Unfortunately, they have it . Once it was full of my delicious mixture, I stoppered the muddle with a half-orange and popped the legs back under the handy skin tie

In my beauty bag: Fashion editor and stylist Karlya Smith

Once a week I use Wiki Skincare cacao facial exfoliant. It's made with raw sugar, cacao and oils, so it smells and tastes lovely, and leaves oils on the skin which slowly soak in. I've also sprinkled it on iced coffee more than once. 

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed ten years ago, which gave me a fright. Wearing sunscreen has been an obsession ever since. Trader Joe's face & body SPF 30 is my favourite body sunscreen. It's the in-house sunscreen by American wholefood supermarket Trader Joe's. It's cheap (compared to sunscreen here) goes on easily, resists water for at least an hour and doesn't sting my eyes when I swim. The catch is you have to go to America to buy it. I stock up when there!  

When I'm not swimming I use Osmosis mineral powder sunscreen on my face and neck. The fact it's a powder makes it matte, which I like and the powder means reapplication is fast and easy with a big powder brush.  As fellow sunscreen obsessives will tell you re-application is key.