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A three day adventure with a free-range turkey

A three day adventure with a free-range turkey They say that the brine result causes the water to move into the meat via osmosis. Unfortunately, they have it . Once it was full of my delicious mixture, I stoppered the muddle with a half-orange and popped the legs back under the handy skin tie

In my beauty bag: Dr Catherine Stone

Dr Catherine Stone is well versed in the most high-tech anti-aging options on the market, thanks to her expertise running top appearance medicine clinic The Face Place.

From Botox to bronzer, see which treatments and products she swears by...


I'm an Osmosis girl. I only use highly active and medically proven skin products on my skin, and I don't like products that have artificial preservatives or fragrances.

I use the Osmosis Gentle Cleanser in the shower, as I have naturally quite sensitive and reactive skin. My treatment serums include Osmosis Renew for my Vitamin A, which uses a more bio-available form of Vitamin A called retinaldehyde.  I then mix together and apply Osmosis Catalyst Plus and Osmosis Stem Factor for my growth factors, peptides, and a cool technology called 'zinc fingers' which all help renew my skin at a cellular level.

A spritz of harmonised water called Osmosis Clear then helps the products penetrate more effectively, as I gently rub it in - hence the name Osmosis: the spray helps the treatment serums penetrate into the skin via osmosis.