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Odia Mountaineer Kalpana Dash's Body Expected In Kathmandu On May 28, Family En-Route Nepal

Bhubaneswar : The State awaits the sad return of its daughter Kalpana Dash’s body from Mount Everest. While the State Government is working in tandem with Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to bring back her body as soon as possible, Kalpana’s family members have been flown out to Nepal today. On the other hand, extreme weather condition in the Himalaya is making it difficult to recover her body and it is expected to be brought down to Kathmandu by May 28.

Her nephew Gouri Shankar Dash, who is currently taking care of the family in Dhenkanal said, “Kalpana’s mother is not keeping well after hearing the news. We have been informed that the body will be able to reach Kathmandu by 28 May. The extreme climate is making the search and rescue process difficult. At least 10 Sherpas (ethnic people of the mountains) have started climbing Everest to retrieve her body.”

Kalpana succumbed at a location called Balcony, close to the peak of Everest at a height of 8600 metres, during her descent on May 23. As the process for