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For Anyone Who Might End Up Needing Medicaid…

For Anyone Who Might End Up Needing Medicaid…

Do you have a loved one who is disabled or has chronic health issues that may require long-term care in the future?

Perhaps you’re confident that you can take care of the person yourself.

Perhaps you figure there are government programs, like Medicaid, that could be there to pay for long-term care and medical expenses.

At the very least, you probably expect the person to make use of any money you leave behind.

Well, before you make those assumptions, there’s something you should understand…

You see, if someone applies for government help, such as Medicaid, the state determines how much they can keep. And in most states, they cannot own more than $2,000 worth of assets.

Assets that are usually counted for eligibility include:

Checking and savings accounts Stocks and bonds CDs Real property Additional motor vehicles if they have more than one

Assets that do not get counted for eligibility include:

filling gaps in employment on resume?

Apart from changing the dates of the jobs I had, what are some good-looking ways to do this? Volunteer work? Personal studies--how would I explain that in an official looking way? It doesn't sound good: "personal studies". It's not relevant

Don't change dates of jobs. Just recently, I had an applicant say they worked somewhere from 2006-2011 That would've given them wonderful experience. Thing is: I worked there from 2000-2008.

So we would've crossed right? I never knew

Why not just say "freelance computer programmer" or "technical consultant" then say that you were self-employed working with individuals and small businesses. If they want any references, just give the name of a friend (don't say they

Potential Employer Wants to Pay Me, First, With a Certified Check?

I applied to an ad in the local paper about a Caregiver position, and sent in my resume. I have a lot of experience in this sort of field and was contacted by the potential employer via email. He says the first week he will pay me with a Certified Check.

100% scam.

There is no job and no one moving anywhere.

There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money.

The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses


My radar is going nuts here.

I'm guessing the check will be for a ton more and you'll be sending cash back.

tell him due to the ongoing fraud issues, you will, of course, be clearing the check thru the local fraud unit of