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GO #CRUELTYFREE !! 🐇💕 The most common tests rabbits endure are the Draize Eye & Skin tests. They hold them in full body restraints so that cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner, and other substances can be dripped in their eyes or spread on their shaved and scraped skin.The restraint stops the bunnies from pawing at their eyes or back to relieve the discomfort and so interfere with the experiment. This experiments cause redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, hemorrhaging, cloudiness, cracking and bleeding or/and blindness AND IT'S NOTORIOUSLY UNRELIABLE, producing highly variable results. Rabbits are killed after the experiment is over. Also used to test vaccines, drugs,medical devices, diseases and disorders of the eyes, skin, heart, & immune system, as well as asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes & more They are used in labs because they are small & gentle & easy to handle, relatively cheap to maintain & they breed fast, creating new test subjects quickly. They have no tear ducts so, unlike humans, they can't cry out harmful substances from their eyes. This means that in the Draize eye test the rabbit's eye is exposed to more of the test chemical for longer periods, which is one of the main reasons why rabbits are chosen for this procedure In addition to the suffering caused by experiments, the laboratory environment itself is also particularly noxious to rabbits, causing great stress, weakening their immune systems, and making them more prone to illness.  They can also suffer sore and damaged feet from standing in metal caging, and even self-mutilate to relieve their anxiety SWITCH TO CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCTS NOW, stop contributing to this madness! It's as easy as checking the labels! There is no excuse cause now a days there are 100s of companies that are not testing on animals. And even better! Look for the vegan logo, that way you'll know that no animals were harmed During September🌱, 10% of all sales proceeds will be donated to 🐇🐭@boochaces Rancho Relaxo 🐷🐥 in NJ, USA Vegan art printed on apparel & more o👉👈o WORLDWIDE 🌍 SHIPPING Animation made by me [@albaparis] Bunny's photo by @peta #albaparis #albaparisart