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How I Got Rid Of My “Teen” Products And Adopted An Adult Skincare Routine

Cetaphil , $7.59, Amazon

According to a recent survey conducted by Differin and shared with me by Dr. Levin, 88 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 34 believe washing your face with soap and water is enough to help stop acne. Though I wasn't using soap and water, I was definitely one of those people who believed in the “one and done” method with face washes.

Though drugstore products often offer 2-in-1 — or even 3-in-1 — products, having healthy skin is about adopting a routine.

Dr. Friedman recommends starting off with a gentle cleanser as your first step. Since I loved the makeup wipes, I stuck with Cetaphil for a daily cleanser since it's affordable and easy on my skin. The foaming face wash removes makeup and calms sensitive skin that is prone to redness. I use this cleanser in the shower before I hop out to begin the rest of my routine.

Once I stopped looking at skincare as a time waste, and viewed it as a moment I could practice some self-care, getting into the routine was much easier. There's nothing more adult than taking a few moments to be kind to yourself. For me, a calming skin routine provided an easy way to self-care, while feeling like I was being proactive about something.