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    Etude House - Help My Finger Pack - Nail Treatments - Nail Care - Manicure Pad
    Beauty (Etude House)

    Etude House

    List Price: $8.79
    Price: $8.79

    • Provides more than 10 times affordable nail treatment
    • Contains Shea Butter & Argan oil
    • Home care nail & cuticle sheet to give silky glowing nails
    • This nail finger pack moistens and brightens up frequently colored, dull fingernails and its surrounding area.
    • Strengthen and clean cuticles for uneven and frequent nail art treated nails

    SNP - Diamond Brightening Ampoule Mask for dry skin - 10 x Moisturising Masks with Diamont and Hyaluronic Acid for men and woman - Moisturising & Rejuvenating Masks
    Beauty (SNP)


    List Price: $40.69
    Price: $40.69

    • This ampoule mask promotes intensive brightening and moisturizing with its special formulation of Hyaluronic Acid and Diamond Powder
    • This mask is also highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin as this is formulated without parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors and artificial fragrance
    • It delivers abundant nutrients onto the skin and seals it in with the special mask sheet
    • A concentrated moisturizing mask pack
    • Volume 250 ml (10 mask sheets) by Royal Wellness

Routine NHS treatments doctors warn may be 'useless or harmful'- read the full list

Blood transfusions

Can only be necessary for major bleeding or severe anaemia, iron  treatments can resolve other similar or related symptoms


Plaster casts

For small fractures, such as broken feet, bones can heal just as quickly in a removable boot as a plaster cast.

Other small fractures, such as broken wrists in children, can be treated with a removable splint


Calcium tests

Are used in the event of the symptoms of kidney stones, bone disease or nerve related disorders. However, they may not be necessary unless you are seriously ill, especially if you have had one within the last three months


Epilepsy injections

For children with epilepsy, treatment which can be dissolved in the mouth, is preferred to medication which has to be injected and can be onerous


Bronchiolitis treatment