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    Bronchitis & Breathing Aide 100 TAB (2 pack)
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    bioAllers Pet Allergy Relief for People | Homeopathic Formula Temporarily Relieves Sneezing, Itching, Watery Eyes Due to Hair & Dander | 60 Tablets
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    • Pet the Pets: With homeopathic allersodes of dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, birds, and sheep wool
    • Quality: For pet allergy symptom relief w/out drowsiness & dry mouth
    • Now & Later: May provide short-term symptom relief while building long-term resistance to allergens
    • Customers Say: "This product helps me be able to keep our beloved cat!! THANKS..."
    • Powerful: Homeopathic intended for multi-symptom relief of animal hair & dander allergies

Afraid of needles? These start-ups are working on alternatives

From a purely clinical perspective, at least 10 percent of us exhibit a physiological response to syringes, like fainting. But surveys indicate that the number of needle-averse among us is closer to one in four. In 2001, a Gallup survey pegged the fear of “needles and getting shots” at 21 percent, making it the sixth most prevalent fear in the country, just behind “spiders and insects.” A survey by Harris Interactive for Target in 2012, for example, revealed that 23 percent polled forego a flu shot because they’re afraid of needles.

Failed startup Theranos  targeted needle phobia to attract hundreds of millions of dollars in investment for needle-free blood-drawing technology. The company’s spectacular rise and fall hasn’t dampened prospects for the drug delivery market, which is forecast to top $14 billion by 2024,  according to Grand View Research . Getting the quarter of Americans who avoid treatment because of needles could have an alternative benefit: making a dent in the country’s $3.3 trillion healthcare bill as well . 

Has any one tried IN INDIA the DRAMATIC ASTHMA RELIEF REPORT? Bioflavinoid seller in india?

Not yet, I haven't heard about it also. Can you elaborate it what it is exactly? coz, I'm also an Asthma patient.