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AstraZeneca asthma drug shows blockbuster potential

"That's what these pharmaceutical companies need, a blockbuster drop with a big market," said James Butkiewicz, chair of the University of Delaware's Economics Department. "That's where the profits are and this sounds great for AstraZeneca." 

Currently, only two injectable asthma treatments are approved in the U.S. GlaxoSmithKline's Nucala hit the market in late 2015 and Teva Pharmaceuticals' Cinqair was approved in March 2016. Nucala generated about $123 million in sales last year. Teva did not provide specific sales numbers for Cinqair in its 2017 first quarter earnings, but did note demand for the medicine increased overall sales for its respiratory products unit by 3 percent. 

However,  Cinqair and Nucala only appear to treat certain types of severe asthma by targeting the body chemicals that drive asthma.

Tezepelumab is different because it blocks the action of a cell-signalling protein that causes asthma. That means tezepelumab could help patients with two different forms of asthma, including those ineligible for current biologic therapies which only target a specific pathway. 

Has any one tried IN INDIA the DRAMATIC ASTHMA RELIEF REPORT? Bioflavinoid seller in india?

Not yet, I haven't heard about it also. Can you elaborate it what it is exactly? coz, I'm also an Asthma patient.