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New AstraZeneca, Amgen drug looks strong rival in severe asthma

LONDON (Reuters) - A new kind of injectable biotech treatment for severe asthma from AstraZeneca and Amgen promises to help a much broader range of patients than existing medicines like GlaxoSmithKline’s Nucala.

Findings from a mid-stage clinical trial involving 584 patients showed on Wednesday the experimental drug tezepelumab reduced the annual rate of serious asthma attacks, known as exacerbations, by between 61 and 71 percent, depending on dose.

The results could put the first-in-class injection in a strong position in a competitive market as it heads into final-stage Phase III tests later this year or early next.

“Tezepelumab appears to be the broadest and most promising biologic for the treatment of persistent uncontrolled asthma to date,” Elisabeth Bel of Amsterdam’s Academic Medical Center wrote in an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Still, she cautioned researchers needed to confirm its safety profile in larger trials, since there was a potential risk its impact on the immune system might lead to infections.

Severe asthma relief.....?

I've been off work for 8 weeks with severe asthma....I have oxygen, nebulisers and steroids at home. I'm under a thoracic consultant to find out what is wrong. Anyone got any ideas on how to get some temporary relief as I'm so fed up with being stuck

I can't give you an instant relief method, but I do know of ways to bringing it down. There is a few things I found out about asthma that was interesting. My late wife had cystic fibrosis and asthma, so I constantly looked around for ways to ease her

I can't give you an instant relief method, but I do know of ways to bringing it down. There is a few things I found out about asthma that was interesting. My late wife had cystic fibrosis and asthma, so I constantly looked around for ways to ease her

I have severe asthma too. I'm on Singular, Albuterol, and Advair. I have had to miss work too because of a severe attack. I just laid around the house, slept, read magazines, and played on the computer. My doctor did tell me once that black coffee

Need Quick Answer! Asthma relief?

ive has Asthma all ,y life but as most people ive grown how of it so i have no need for my inhaler plus there all empty, i was at a party a few hours ago and i started weezeing its gotten so bad it woke me up because i couldn't breathe properly its 2:10

Go to a hospital emergency room! Until you go there, drink regular coffee, without milk or cream. The caffeine is chemically slightly like the asthma medicine theophylline, which used to be used to relax lungs to let more air enter the lungs. Avoid milk

If it gets horrible, call 911. if you feel okay to drive, just go to the emergency room or a 24 hour clinic. get help if it worsens.

Dissolve a pinch of salt on your tongue and drink 2 glasses of water immediately.