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    Puriya Natural Chest and Nasal Decongestant. Effective Sore Throat, Cough, Migraine, Headache, Allergy, Asthma, Mucus Relief. Safer Than Cough Syrup or Drop Suppressant. Perfect for Cold and Flu
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    List Price: $21.97
    Price: $21.97

    • FAST AND LONG LASTING RELIEF: This formula deeply penetrates respiratory systems, clears airways, thins mucus, reduces sinus pressure. It is designed to effectively relieving you from the discomfort caused by cold and flu, chronic and acute bronchial infections, seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis and etc. You will breathe better, sleep better and feel better.
    • NO SIDE EFFECTS. A 100% NATURAL DECONGESTANT: Puriya Breathe-Ease Blam is formulated with pure natural essential oils that have proven potent antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties to help fight back the illness naturally without undesirable side effects. It is unlike most OTC medication treatments such as allergy pills, cough syrups / drops that are full of harmful chemicals.
    • PROVEN AND TRUSTED FORMULA: The outstanding effectiveness of Puriya Breathe-Ease Balm is achieved by a formula that has taken years to fine tune.. Our loyal customers have reported overwhelmingly positive results for the tradition uses of Puriya Breathe-Ease Balm and continuously find new uses such as muscular tension relief, ear infection, bed bug bites, etc,.
    • 180 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try it now... Risk Free! If you do not feel this is the best congestion reliever, promptly contact us (Puriya Store) for a full purchase refund. No questions asked! Order now to breathe better, sleep better and feel better
    • MAXIMUM STRENGTH INGREDIENTS: Not all ingredients are created equal. We source the whole world to bring to you the finest, purest ingredients and blend them in the way that they work synergistically together for best results. Please be aware most of the OTC medicine can cause long term health concerns with continuous use.

    Hampshire Labs | LungRestore | Respiratory Support Formula | All Natural Lung Supplement | | Herbal Lung Cleanse | Asthma, Allergy & Bronchitis Relief | 6 Month Supply
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    Hampshire Labs

    List Price: $89.95
    Price: $89.95

    • LUNG HEALTH: Oxygen intake could be considered one of the most important aspect of keeping the body alive. The lungs allow oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide to be released, promoting healthy cell regeneration. With constant exposure to harmful toxins, allergens and irritants the lungs can be severely affected, reducing the lungs ability to work effectively. Proper breathing is needed for healthy oxygen flow to occur within the body and LungRestore was created to promote just that!
    • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Each serving contains critical ingredients that are known to Reduce the symptoms of allergies, asthma, bronchitis and improve overall respiratory health. The core ingredients are Ophiopogon Root, Poria Fungal Body, Chinese Asparagus Root, Chinese Skullcap Root, Gardenia Fruit, Luo Han Guo Fruit, Platycodon Root, Tangerine Mature Peel, White Mulberry Root Bark, Zhejiang Fritillary Bulb, Schisandra Fruit, Chinese Licorice Root These ingredients are all natural sources of n
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Formulated by Hampshire Labs, the trusted name in the supplement business since 1981. LungRestore is a leading natural supplement used to increase lung function and reduce lung related issues. We're so sure you'll love your purchase we offer a 120 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason your not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money!
    • RELIEF FROM RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: LungRestore is formulated for the relief of respiratory complications. Aiding in better breathing, the herbal ingredients work together to break up phlegm, flush toxins from the body, strengthen the lungs and relieve symptoms from preexisting lung conditions. When the lungs are healthy, oxygen in your blood is increased, giving an added result of higher energy levels!
    • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: With our proprietary blend of ingredients we safely and effectively reduce the effects of uncomfortable respiratory issues, allowing for relaxed lungs and easy breathing. LungRestore does this with no sugars or fat, just an all natural blend of plant-based ingredients, working synergistically, without the side effects you might have with typical prescription drugs.

If you have asthma, you can take a deep breath

D2 is mock and less potent than natural D3 supplements. Cod liver oil provides natural D3 plus healthy intrinsic fatty acids. But the best and cheapest way to get vitamin D3 is from sunshine. Buy a bikini because you stand in want sun on your belly and

Plano center touts salt therapy for wellness

Plano center touts salt therapy for wellness Clients looking for relief from respiratory and shell ailments — from asthma to sinusitis to cystic fibrosis to psoriasis — have been making their way to zing rooms for years. Dr. Gary Weinstein, chief of pulmonology and key care medicine and

NATURAL HEALTH: Lemon water boosts metabolism

Lemons are also serviceable in treating asthma, colds, coughs, sore throat, influenza, heartburn, liver gripe issues, scurvy, kidney stones, fevers and rheumatism. Drinking lemon not function on a regular basis may even help women with heavy periods.

Natural ways to boost your immune system

"It was truly created by a doctor named Myers for migraines and asthma, but what he found as he did more research was it was sympathetic for a number of other problems including chronic fatigue and boosting the unsusceptible system," Cavaiola said.

How prisons are

. “I think I went maybe 35, 40 times.”

Mosley, a Philadelphia native and self-described “health nut,” wasn’t used to falling ill. Before coming to SCI Fayette, he rarely even caught colds. But he says all of the doctors he saw at SCI Fayette insisted that his health problems weren’t real. “They kept telling me, ‘Oh, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s psychosomatic. You’re imagining it.’” At one point, he says a doctor blamed his failing health on allergies.

Meanwhile, Mosley started writing letters to local officials three days per week. “I was making a big stink,” he said. “If I was going to die there, I wasn’t going to die quietly.” He knew something was wrong. All around him, inmates were suffering. Skin rashes, gastrointestinal problems, and breathing issues were common across the prison. Everyone had a runny nose. The water quality was so abhorrent that guards brought bottled water for their onsite patrol dogs, according to Mosley. But the inmates still had to drink from the tap.

Does anyone know of anything natural that would help with the relief of asthma?

I have been searching for a natural relief for my asthma. I have come across such things as respitrol and some others that I can't remember their names. I wonder though what works and what doesn't.

You need to keep your enviroment as dust free as possible, watch out for animal dander, take meds as prescribed, watch your excercising, and reduce your anxiety level whenever possible, even when you aren't having an attack. Your receptors in your brain

Caffeine for sure, They use it in most inhalents to speed up the opening of the air chambers, so they say drinking coffee is good, my sister has asthma and she sits in the washroom and puts on hot shower for the steam to help her breathe better, (kinda

I have heard that Eucalyptus oil smelling it helps people who have difficulty with their ears and also with breathing, but I don't know if that is true or not.

Natural remedies for asthma symptom relief?

does anyone know of any?

EFAS,Pineapple,Treating your adrenals can help.I use astragalus root.Also Nettle can help.

* Vitamin D - vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased airway hyperresponsiveness, lower lung function and inferior asthma control.

* Essential fatty acids have a broad anti-inflammatory effect. Fish oil concentrate has been shown

None that actually work!