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There is more than just fresh produce at Eastern Market's Tuesday Market

When people think of Eastern Market, they often imagine rows and rows of fresh produce, and while they do have wonderful fruits and veggies that are in season right now, you can also find fabulous hand-crafted gourmet foods. Michelle Oliver went live from Eastern Market to show us three vendors that have some homemade treats you have to check out.


1) White Lotus Farms  

White lotus farms is a farm located in Ann Arbor. They sell their homemade goat cheese as well as freshly made bread and bakery items. Items to check out include their fresh feta, spreadable goat's cheese (which comes in a variety of flavors), crusty bread and their all-new morning roll, which is a mix between a cinnamon roll and an elephant ear. They also have a line of soaps and skin care products they make from the goat's milk. 


2) Love's Custard Pie

Love's Custard Pie has exactly what the name