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Lauren Cook reflects on growth, hardship of past year

A commenter on a Lincoln Diary Star story compared the situation with Lauren Cook to the picture with Jerry Sandusky, saying “Am I the only one who sees parallels between JoePa and Penn Hold and T O and Nebraska?” The writer I feel like a lot

Bedford, New Hampshire

He's fit and tan from hours of golf and tennis, every deficient rare sun-bleached-brown hair in place. He gets along with his .. One morning this summer, Tyler hangs out in his companion Kyle's office at Dyn Inc., a tech company in downtown Manchester. It

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Lincoln, Neb – This past May, I told my parents that despite my hopes for a Hillary Clinton victory, Donald J. Trump would very likely win this election. This was in Florida, my home state. My parents were born in Cuba; I was the first in our family to be born in the United States; I had also recently moved to Nebraska and was seeing firsthand the version of America that sees an openly misogynist bigot as its best hope for this nation.

No way, they said. He’s a clown, this is a stunt, it will never happen. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

I am so grateful that I can say my parents didn’t vote for Mr. Trump, but last night, not only did most of my neighbors here in Nebraska vote for him, but much of my extended family in Florida gave their crucial vote to a candidate who would be more than happy to have them deported. My partner’s father — a Cuban man who fled a dictatorship that, like Mr. Trump, promised to jail his political opponents — voted for Mr. Trump despite hours of phone conversations urging him otherwise. I cannot make sense of these choices. There is no sense to be made.