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    Goat Milk Soap Handmade USA Natural Bar Vitamins Nutrients for Soft Skin, Wrinkles, Psoriasis, Eczema (2 Bars, Pearberry)
    Beauty (Rose & Vine)

    Rose & Vine

    List Price: $15.29
    Price: $15.29

    • GOATS MILK CONTAINS LACTIC ACID and alpha hydroxyl acid that aids in breaking down dead skin cells, allowing the skin to naturally rejuvenate. Who does not want natural rejuvenation? Your skin will feel silky soft and moist.
    • ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & NATURAL NUTRIENTS are in goats milk including vitamin A, B6, B12 and E (known for its ability to repair damaged tissue and reduce wrinkles), as well as vitamin C. Each bar contains olive oil, coconut oil, 100% fresh goat milk, sodium hydroxide (lye which is necessary for soap making) and fragrance oil.
    • LONG LASTING: The bars will last 4-6 weeks if allowed to dry between uses on a rack or slotted soap dish. Each bar is 4.8 to 5 oz.
    • SKIN DOCTORS RECOMMEND goat milk soap to their psoriasis and eczema patients. For healing and relief of effected areas. Use for sensitive and easily irritated skin.
    • INCLUDES: 2 Bars (each 4.8 to 5 oz) of goat milk soap in Pearberry scent (yummy blend opens with fruity pear, apple, raspberry and melon. The middle blends lily of the valley and jasmine then winds down with musk and vanilla. Both women and men love it)

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Those hoping to look their finest and brightest should check out the spa's specialized anti-aging treatments; the organization can also tailor skin-care programs for each client's skin type. It's the one-on-one taste everyone (including you, guys) wants

What Happened When I Lost My Brazilian Waxer

When I came for my appointment, I was soon greeted by a fairy-like woman named Ellen. She had blonde hair in the in-between phase of a pixie cut and a bob and donned the usual red Wax Center uniform. She shook my hand firmly as if she just sold me a used Toyota Camry, then guided me into a client room.

I immediately warmed to Ellen. She has the same name as my mom, which comforted me. She parroted the script that European Wax Center makes its waxers say, which harps on buying its numerous products in order to have the best experience — but she winked and whispered that I didn’t need to buy anything (was the room bugged?).

(I ended up buying the Ingrown Hair Serum. Ellen’s reverse psychology charmed me.)

Then she began. Having hair ripped from your pubic area is, of course, painful, and nothing, not even the sweetest human being on earth, could allow me to forget that.

Ellen talked enough to fill the room but not too much to suffocate it. I learned about her children — two, a boy and a girl — and that she was raising them on her own. I learned that she had an hour-long commute to the Wax Center and didn’t live in Poughkeepsie. I learned that she was close with her own mother, who she sometimes imitated in our conversations.