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Beauty: Colour care

Around two-thirds of women colour their hair, so it's no wonder colour care is a growth industry. If you pay big money to get the right shade in a salon, you'll want it to last and be kind on your hair's condition.

Special shampoos, conditioners and masks for coloured hair have been with us for awhile, but now they are being joined by styling products and finishing sprays which also claim to help keep colour vibrant for longer. Some help screen damaging UV light rays.

Year round, colouring and heat styling are the leading causes of damage to hair. Other threats to hair health come from seasonal assaults, such as the drying effects of air-conditioning and buffeting from the wind. Ageing, illness, stress and poor diet can also cause unwanted changes.

Done carefully, neither colouring nor heat styling need cause undue harm, but badly treated hair can end up brittle and broken. Over-processed hair will suffer textural changes and unprotected styling will dry hair out and may leave ends split.