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As a personally who worked in customer service for more than 10 years, does consulting and editorial on this subject as well as being a consumer I can relate to your story. DirectTV is in one of those I can't tell you how many humiliated business services I

Honda CR-V vs. Toyota RAV4: Which Should You Buy?

When comparing them side by side along specs and dimensions, the CR-V and RAV4 match up very closely. Even in terms of acceleration (about 9 seconds in 0 to 60 mph acceleration), fuel economy (24 mpg overall), and stopping distances as measured in our testing, they’re right on top of one another. But these two stalwarts diverge quite significantly in the real world.

The CR-V’s transmission is a continuously variable type that tends to amplify engine noise. By contrast, Toyota uses a conventional six-speed automatic in the RAV4 that makes the driving experience feel more natural. Incidentally, the RAV4 is also available as a hybrid, which got an impressive 31 mpg in our testing. It will use between 110 and 125 fewer gallons over 12,000 miles than the either the CR-V or the regular RAV4.

Both models have received a midcycle freshening, which for the Honda turned out to be less successful than it has for the Toyota. Whereas the CR-V's suspension became stiffer, the RAV4's got more comfortable. Quite a bit of road noise gets into the CR-V’s cabin, making it the louder car between these two.