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All eyes on Ohio--18 new ads--Rivera down 9--5 Senate debates yesterday ...

Cross? Yes.' Mitt Romney will put critical health care for women and families at chance and will let politicians interfere in your most private, personal medical decisions. .. Charlotte Non-participant: “Romney, Obama offer differing visions on pecuniary

Stories of bad customer service

As a personally who worked in customer service for more than 10 years, does consulting and editorial on this subject as well as being a consumer I can relate to your story. DirectTV is in one of those I can't tell you how many humiliated business services I

How Camp Australia is optimising the customer journey

“Everything is structured around delivering one core factor and that’s safety. Safety is about the location and transfer and the duty of care of children, so when it hands from the school to us, or from us to the school,” he said.   “So how do we optimise those situations digitally to make them more secure, more transparent? How do we digitise the reporting so you get better analytics, better insight into what’s happening at a service level for us to be able to then mobilise groups of people to be able to train, report and interact?”

Formerly marketing chief at Freedom Foods , Dusseldorp said already it’s been an interesting ride to go from an FMCG business to a uniquely Australian services business over the last six months.  

“The new role is quite different. The Freedom Foods journey was three years, where I was really setting up the business with innovation-led growth. And it got to a point where the organisation was starting to hit some really good run rates from arranging and selling proposition,” he said. “There wasn’t as much demand on a CMO role at the organisation.