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Beauty: Farm-to-Face with Lily Organics

The creator and chief organic officer of Colorado-based Lily Organics believes your skincare should be similarly traceable—from ingredients to manufacturing. Her handcrafted products, lab, and till the soil contract in Henderson are part of the only line in the world

Presidential Election: How Celebrity Endorsements Affect Voters

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Spa & Stables Package In Hawaii

When I was a kid, my kinsmen's yearly camping vacations through Colorado, New Mexico and the Smoky Mountains always included a horseback outing. It was the highlight of the trip. I always fell in love with my At Spa Luana that means signature services

A class meets its English subject, and a writer meets his literary subjects

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Boulder and the Beautiful: Stop bullying your face

It's simple. To look younger, all you have to do is burn your skin, fry it with a laser, scrape it down, rub it off, poke it, peel it, pump it full of chemicals, slather it in synthetic goo, inject it with neurotoxins, paralyze your muscles and bake in a conventional oven on 400 for 45 minutes.

That will definitely make you look younger, guys. I swear.

That's what the modern skin care industry is telling you. Well, except the oven part. I mixed up skin care with my casserole recipe. Which means I should probably remove the vibrating sonic brush from my dinner. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see a Bridal Broil Treatment on a spa menu.

Can we stop for just one hot second to critically think about this?

The mainstream anti-aging protocol is to essentially injure your skin, with the expectation of kickstarting the production of certain things that can lead to a more youthful appearance. Sort of like how you break down muscles by lifting weights to make them bigger.