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St. Mary's new UV camera detects skin damage caused by sun

That's why St. Mary's recently purchased a special UV camera that can look, not only on the surface of the skin, but underneath to check for sun damage.

"Every person says, 'that doesn't even look like me,'” said Debra Hesse, Oncology Support Specialist at St. Mary’s.

It'll let you know some of the areas of your body you should be paying extra attention to.

Specialists at St. Mary’s say the amount of sun exposure we get by living on the Western Slope and being in a higher elevation may increase our chances of getting skin cancer.

The $5,000 camera was thanks to a grant from the Colorado Cancer Coalition.

"Probably the only UV camera in Western Colorado,” said Hesse.

It shows all the damage that's invisible to the human eye, but for Debra Hesse, this camera means a lot more than a piece of technology.

"Almost on my 49th birthday I was diagnosed with spreading Malignant Melanoma and a year later I had a Basal Cell Carcinoma and ten years later I had another Basal Cell Carcinoma,” says Hesse.