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Corruption-accused Brigadier Beauty Phahlane still in her post

The brigadier is not the only high-ranking police officer tied to FDA.

DA MP Tim Brauteseth asked Sitole if he knew about Project Khulisa, which relates to the building of a house for Technology Management Service head Lieutenant General Adeline Shezi, and that multiple payments for this house were made by a contractor for the police named Unisys.

The contractor involved is Intsika Distributors, which is linked to Unisys, a company owned by Jerenique Bayard.

Unisys has done contract work for FDA. It is also Unisys that paid for a trip for Bayard and Keating to visit football club Manchester United’s stadium Old Trafford in October 2011 accompanied by two police officers from the police supply chain department.

Sitole ‘extremely concerned’

Brauteseth opened a can of worms when he whipped out enlarged pictures of Bayard, Keating and the police officers, whose surnames are Arendt and Masuku, in their personalised Manchester United jerseys at Old Trafford in the dramatic meeting in November last year.