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    Medical Alert System for Seniors NO MONTHLY FEE - LLR-500 - Includes Wireless Help Pendant with 2-Way Voice from the Pendant - Elderly Home Help Alarm Button Life Monitor
    Health and Beauty (Life Link Response)

    Life Link Response

    List Price: $99.99
    Price: $79.50
    You Save: $20.49 (20%)

    • ➤ 2-WAY VOICE PENDANT - Freedom at Home Works Anywhere in and around the home INSTALLATION HELP/SUPPORT Via Live Chat on Website
    • ➤ Need Help Setting Up Your System - Book a 30 Minute Phone Call ➤ NO MONTHLY FEES OR CONTRACTS - Self monitored system calls family and friends - Saves you hundreds of dollars per year by monitoring the system yourself
    • ➤ RECORD YOUR OWN HELP MESSAGE - Program 3 phone numbers of family and friend into the system
    • ➤ PLUGS INTO YOUR HOME PHONE LINE - Works with voip and cable phone lines
    • ➤ WIRELESS PENDANT - works in and around the home with A wireless range of 300 feet from the base

    Lively Activity Sensors Only,Original Version, White
    Health and Beauty (Lively)


    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $29.99

    • Stylish, passive activity sensors for home use that enable older adults to measure and share healthy living patterns
    • Monthly subscription service required, only $24.95/month; includes LivelyGram. (If you cancel in the first 12 months of activation, a $99 fee may apply for the discounted cost of Lively hardware.)
    • Easy setup and use - No home internet connection required and no long-term contracts
    • New version available on February 1, 2015; this Original version to be discontinued. (Choose Lively Safety Watch for Personal Emergency Response & Activity Sensors in Health & Personal Care)
    • Keeps family members in tune with daily routine activity when anything out of the ordinary happens through alerts by email and text message

State delays payments to caregivers of disabled clients

Prioleau was voted spokeswoman for the number in 2010, when the caregivers were trying to unionize. They are referred to as “Community Watch over Residence Providers” in the Human Services letter. “A contract is a binding, legitimate document,” she said. “The

RFP issues suspend caregiver services

He added that no one responded to the original RFP that was sent out in August, and the FY2012 contractor wasn't in the know of the new RFP. Several caregiver services are impacted as a result of the suspension including respite worry and counseling services.

Premack: Cousin feels she should get house after being caregiver

. Paul Premac, -Hearsay It does, however, specify heirs to receive other valuable items like valid property and bank accounts (unless they happen to be subject to

The Cost of Living Longer

That will give you a sensation of whether a few hours a day of personal assistance can do the job, or whether it is time to make a costlier move. Genworth, one of the The managers can succour you figure out what kind of care you need and review contracts

Centerstage with: Titania Inae, of 'No Room'

You are:  a deputy clerk for Jones County and a shift manager for the Pizza Hut in Stamford. She also volunteers for a nonprofit based in Los Angeles.

We've seen you before in: This is the first role for Titania (she was supposed to be "Tatiana" but her named was misspelled when she was born) at Abilene Community Theatre. She acted previously in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and has worked with gospel singer Fred Hammond and film producer/director Snoop Robinson.

Role in "No Room For a Picture on the Blank Wall": Titania is Amy, daughter-in-law to Peter and Rosemary Bunther. "She is a loving wife to Simon, and yearns to be accepted by her mother-in-law," she said. She has a good relationship with her father-in-law and has a difficult time "watching him literally wilt away." She encourages her reluctant husband, who is not ready to deal with the reality of his father's disease, to do something. "She is persuasive, even a little bit controlling," she said, in her efforts to put in a facility or at least go to a facility to see what can be done. "She feels like she is breaking through to (Peter) but in the end, she fails," Titania said.