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Lawsuit filed in toddler death

Fabian’s parents, Sherri-Ann Garett and Juben Garcia, are seeking justice for their son and his ohana “by holding those responsible for his death legally accountable,” the family’s attorney said Friday. They are also looking to raise awareness of the longstanding and systemic problems with the manner in which the state appoints and oversees foster parents.

“And, to create change that will result in the protection of children in the foster care system here on Hawaii Island,” Attorney Jeffrey Foster continued.

That’s despite the parents and siblings “living every day in a family’s worst nightmare.”

“Their lives are filled with a profound sense of grief and sadness that only those who have suffered such a loss can understand. While the family has received tremendous emotional support from family, friends, and their church community, they will never be the same,” Foster said.

The family, the attorney said, doesn’t want Fabian’s “death to be in vain.”