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Personal Caregiver Contract

Centerstage with: Titania Inae, of 'No Room'

You are:  a deputy clerk for Jones County and a shift manager for the Pizza Hut in Stamford. She also volunteers for a nonprofit based in Los Angeles.

We've seen you before in: This is the first role for Titania (she was supposed to be "Tatiana" but her named was misspelled when she was born) at Abilene Community Theatre. She acted previously in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and has worked with gospel singer Fred Hammond and film producer/director Snoop Robinson.

Role in "No Room For a Picture on the Blank Wall": Titania is Amy, daughter-in-law to Peter and Rosemary Bunther. "She is a loving wife to Simon, and yearns to be accepted by her mother-in-law," she said. She has a good relationship with her father-in-law and has a difficult time "watching him literally wilt away." She encourages her reluctant husband, who is not ready to deal with the reality of his father's disease, to do something. "She is persuasive, even a little bit controlling," she said, in her efforts to put in a facility or at least go to a facility to see what can be done. "She feels like she is breaking through to (Peter) but in the end, she fails," Titania said.