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Health Notes: Scotch tasting fund-raiser, stroke support, more

Also offered by The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Polyclinic, Derby the third Thursday of the month, 5-7 p.m. Register in advance by employment Laura Howell, 203-732-1280 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You neediness Also

A land value tax should be at the heart of London's economic recovery

There are many other rugged economic arguments for land value taxation - putting a dampener on the case market by making it a less attractive option for investors; giving developers with get banks and other owners of brownfield sites a strong

Olympic Games: the winners and losers

Olympic Games: the winners and losers I didn't recollect or care about what it meant having that stage in my home country, hosted by my bailiwick city. I thought all the hype was political bollocks. All I cared about was using the Games to badger myself and the guy in front of me to the limits of

Meet the contestants: Council candidates for Districts 9 to 16 on the spot

I have athletic leadership, communication and personal skills required to effectively make conversant with decisions for residents and to keep them informed. I have a passion to help. For trust and for coins Worked on the Stratford Way Gardens and Korea

N.J. towns sue 35 hospitals over property taxes

TRENTON — Eager to tap into a new source of cash to lower New Jersey's notoriously high property taxes, local officials have filed tax appeals challenging the tax-exempt status of 35 nonprofit hospitals, NJ Advance Media has learned.

The litigation continues to pile up in response to last year's precedent-setting  tax court ruling  and settlement which  required Morristown Medical Center to pay Morristown $15.5 million  in lieu of property taxes. The judge found the hospital operated in many ways like a for-profit entity and should share the cost of public safety and other municipal services.

Two of the 35 cases have been settled already, resulting in additional revenue for the city of Elizabeth and Edison Township.

In March — after 15 municipalities filed tax appeals — Gov. Chris Christie  called on local officials to support a  two-year freeze on new litigation  while a commission devised a solution that would preserve the tax-exempt status of the 58 nonprofit in the state but require hospital make contributions in lieu of taxes.