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    The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman
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    Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor
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    Price: $35.31

    • Manufactured in United states
    • Measures body fat weight and percentage with clinically Proven accuracy
    • Two modes for accurate results for athletes and non-athletes

Dubai: Riva Spa - Enriching Health, Revitalizing Beauty

Dubai: Riva Spa - Enriching Health, Revitalizing Beauty Dubai, Oct 2: Riva Foreign Spa, the Slimming and Beauty Centre at Al Nahda, Dubai, is an experience that is bound to soothe the senses. With its magical, undisturbed Technology plays a major role in Spa as it deals directly with the body and the

VLCC shifts gears to high growth mode in MENA region, with expansion and ...

empire, VLCC is currently present across over 300 locations in 120 cities in 16 countries through its VLCC Slimming, Handsomeness & Fitness Centres, the VLCC Institutes of Beauty & Nutrition and the VLCC Bosom Care line of skin-care, body-care and

Hypnotherapy helps Philippa back on slimming straight and narrow

“I travail as a nurse consultant looking after care homes in crisis,” says Philippa. "After I'd gone the weight with the show a big job Kimberly has also used the Emotional Freedom Technique (involving tapping on determined meridian points of the body

VLCC in talks to buy Malaysian Company Wyann for Rs 100-150 crore

Wyann owns marquee dividend slimming and beauty services brands Bizzy Body and Facial First. In 2010 it signed an deal with Skin Nutrition International, an American maker of anti-ageing, connoisseur skin-care and cellulite treatment products, for

How Williams Formula One uses 3D printing for race cars

How Williams F1 uses 3D printing technology 

The requirement of Formula One cars to be lightweight (but not too lightweight) means they are currently formed from metals such as aluminium alongside parts made from carbon fibre. At the Williams F1 base, there are on-site 3D printing machines that can create polymers, however metal parts are still created off-site.

At the moment, the majority of the 3D printed polymers are used in the test models for the racing cars. Currently, the team carries out only four or five real-life tests a year. To get around this, and also allow the team to have a faster and cheaper way of testing out car parts, they use a wind tunnel model. This test involves a vehicle that is 60 percent of the size of a real car and is placed on a treadmill which goes at 55 metres a second to try to recreate the high speeds the cars will get up to during the Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, wind is also pushed against the car, replicating the downforce factor of air on the car, while many instruments are placed on the vehicle to obtain readings on various factors. Currently, 3D printing is most widely used to create parts to be tested out on this replica race car.