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Activities and events planned for Revel the Mall Pink at Newport Centre include the following: ‚‚ Simon Kidgits Baton :"Think Pink"; Saturday. Members of the Simon Kidgits Bludgeon are invited to participate in pink-themed crafts and activities

Google launches quantum framework Cirq, plans Bristlecone cloud move

Google also announced its intention to make its 72 qubit Bristlecone quantum processor available in the cloud. The company in March said it was “cautiously optimistic” that Bristlecone would achieve ‘quantum supremacy’ the point at which a quantum device can perform a task a classical supercomputer would not be able to complete in a reasonable amount of time.

When Bristlecone is made available to external researchers, Cirq will be the interface in which users write programs for it, the company said.

IBM recently announced a number of commercial partners and start-ups being given to access to its 20 qubit quantum computer via the cloud, among them Sydney quantum technology company Q-Ctrl. Microsoft has a 40 qubit quantum simulator available in its Azure cloud.

Bacon added that his team had an open mind about where Cirq would take them.

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“We’re still evolving at the moment. We’re not sure exactly where this is going to end up. It’s actually been really useful to us to just have an open mind about where we’re going to go,” he said.