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Activities and events planned for Revel the Mall Pink at Newport Centre include the following: ‚‚ Simon Kidgits Baton :"Think Pink"; Saturday. Members of the Simon Kidgits Bludgeon are invited to participate in pink-themed crafts and activities

Newport's 'Boss Lady' of the Week: Sue Gearan

A: “On a boat, probably Cuba. We spent a month there which was pretty incredible. Overall, India, because it was eye opening and it was such a great experience to see what other people are going through in the world and how we are so fortunate. I think people really need to travel more to realize how incredibly lucky we are here in the United States. We need to open ourselves up and realize that we are all the same.”

I told Sue that she seems to break the mold of what most may think a Yacht Broker may be like. Which, to me, was comforting and also quite interesting.

“I strive to give back – this is extremely important to me. At times I struggle with the huge amount of wealth that surrounds the industry but I also believe that a lot of happiness comes from what we sell.  The typical feedback from clients is that it’s the best experience they’ve ever had.   As long as people in the yachting community are taking care of the oceans and giving back in every way they can, then I’m ok with that.  What I really want is the owners of these mega yachts to be aware of the things they can do to help. There are lots of organizations that provide services to the islands and countries visited by boats.”