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My debt to fantastic care at New Cross Heart and Lung Centre

At the every so often the consultant from Telford's Princess Royal Hospital told me that a gang of my arteries were severely blocked and that he would consult with his colleagues at Wolverhampton's New Splenetic to decide what action needed to be taken. The letter

Creation Special for 1000

'Care for The world – a Celebration' is taking place on the anniversary of the Aura Justice campaign. Throughout the festival, running through until ''It's a devoted way to draw all the different parts of the body of Christ together.'' During the

Rebecca Kandare's parents jailed for manslaughter of 'emaciated' baby

The Kandares became members of the Apostolic Church of God, based in a house in Nine Elms Lane, Wolverhampton, in 2010, a year after they met at a different church in the West Midlands.

Their church - a form of Pentecostal Protestant Christianity - adheres to a strict interpretation of certain rules, including not allowing modern medicine, instead entrusting followers' well-being to God.

The court heard the church had a congregation of around 20, with prayers taking place in a converted garage.

Prosecuting, Jonas Hankin QC said both male and female members were required to shave their heads, and to attend wearing white clothing. Women also had to cover their heads with white headscarves.

He added: 'The apostolic group has a strict religious and moral code and its churches tend to emphasise strong adherence to religious teachings, church doctrine and regulations.