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Kobe Bryant launches body care company for athletes

Now seasoned in his sifting of potential partners, Bryant says he's developed a three-tiered approach over time to help decide on which projects and products to pursue ... first validating the concept, adding to it, then executing. There was an instant intrigue with Art of Sport.

"The first thing you do is go, 'Wait, nobody does this?'" he said, with a laugh. "Then, it's 'Can I contribute to the product? Is this a product that I can get behind, I can understand and I can enhance in some form or fashion?'"

As the curious Bryant discovered during his initial conversations with Metternich, in the $14 billion body care industry, most traditional brands have relied on longstanding formulas for items like deodorant or body soap, simply updating their packaging with "Sport" badges to appeal to athletes. The pair decided they could do things differently, together launching a brand that, as Metternich dubs it, is "born for sport."

"The important thing when you build a brand for athletes is making sure that the stories, those emotional components and the spirit that's associated with those activities resonates," Bryant said.