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Why NVMe? Users weigh benefits of NVMe-accelerated flash storage

NVMe is a protocol for accessing high-speed storage media that’s designed to reduce latency and increase system and application performance. It's optimized for all-flash storage systems and is aimed at enterprise workloads that require low latency and top performance, such as real-time data analytics and high-performance relational databases.

Storage vendors have been re-tooling their systems to support the faster interconnect protocol, and IBM is no exception. A key change in the FlashSystem 9100 is the use of small form factor NVMe drives. IBM redesigned its FlashCore technology to fit into a standard 2.5-inch SSD form factor with NVMe interfaces – a move that reduced the physical size of the drives by more than half.

That redesign made an impression on Owen Morley, director of infrastructure at online dating platform Plenty Of Fish . Morley is among a group of users of IBM's all-flash storage who came together at an event in Mexico City to share their thoughts on the new 9100 system and the potential for NVME-accelerated storage in their own enterprises.