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    The Cellulite Solution: A Doctor's Program for Losing Lumps, Bumps, Dimples, and Stretch Marks
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STMicroelectronics and Preventice Partner to Deliver Real-World Remote ...

The BodyGuardian System detects, records and wirelessly transmits physiological statistics to the Preventice Care Platform, a secure, cloud-based mHealth platform. The BodyGuardian wearable sensor adheres to the determined's skin and is much smaller than a cell

Remembering Bali: Inside RPH, a doorway to hope and heartache

An orange splendour pulsed above Kuta followed by a grey mushroom cloud that floated skyward. Vij had arrived in Bali the day before, but when the bombs had gone off he and a disciplinary problem of other Aussie doctors in the area put their holidays on hold to help

Equate Health Joins UC Davis and Healbe for Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Collaboration

Equate Health, an artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning startup in the healthcare domain that specializes in chronic care platforms, has joined the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), Foods for Health Institute (FFHI), and Healbe, a health and wellness startup, in the recently established Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Collaboration, to bring precision health solutions to consumers.

For the research announced in May 2017, Equate Health will employ its various AI/machine learning tools to create targeted algorithms for various demographics and populations to produce predictive analytics and meaningful solutions for maintaining health.

Dr. Sara Schaefer, Associate Director at the Foods for Health Institute, UC Davis, and principal investigator for the research says that a major goal of the research is to develop and launch technologies that detect the preventive aspects of health.

"The collaboration with Equate Health and Healbe™ aims to create proof of principle for science and technology-driven, knowledge-based precision health platforms," said Dr. Schaefer. "With precision health strategies, consumers can learn to manage personal health metrics daily and over the long term. The ultimate goal of this is to better combat metabolic imbalance and disease."