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Should You Go to the Drugstore for Your Flu Shots?

Should You Go to the Drugstore for Your Flu Shots? For the vaccine against the blistering skin form shingles, however, you can go to a drugstore in San Francisco but not in Sioux Falls, S.D. And for the whooping cough vaccine, your options incorporate Nashville, Tenn., but not North Conway, N.H

Drug stores can give you a flu shot. What about other vaccines?

Amanda Schaffer looks at the regulatory action over what health care pharmacists can and cannot deliver: If you're looking for a flu shot, you can stride into a Walgreens or CVS or Rite Aid in any state and get one from a pharmacist. For the vaccine

Wealthy Presidential Campaign Donors Driving The Election

Steven Lund - runs Nu Skin, a Utah skin care and cosmetics performers whose former executives have been linked to two other firms that share an address in Provo, Utah, and donated to the Wonderful PAC: F8 LLC and Eli Publishing. Lund's wife Kalleen is also a

'Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion' Recap: Joe Addresses Cheating ...

After checking her skin for chemical burns, she launches into one of her patented "let me use a sympathetic option to verbally abuse you" tirades. "This is 15 minutes of repute! You are going Although it would be fun to delve into that last accusation

Lack of security skills has become a drag on Australia's digital transformation

“But that is not their business; their business is producing sweaters, or cars, or managing financial instruments. We as an industry need to show that the different products we sell can exchange threat telemetry to function as a cohesive whole.”

Significantly, the problem seemed to be markedly worse in Australia, where 53 percent of respondents said problems with cloud security had forced them to slow down their cloud rollouts. This was well above the 30 percent figure in the UK, 37 percent in Canada, and 40 percent figure recorded globally – suggesting that the long-reported paucity of relevant security skills in Australia was taking its toll.

Just 10 percent of Australian companies said they do not have a cybersecurity skill shortage and are continuing with cloud adoption – well behind the 24 percent figure in the UK, 19 percent in the US and Japan, and 16 percent globally.

A flurry of recent initiatives have sought to help close the gap, with Vault Systems this month announcing the establishment of a Vault Academy to put 3000 government IT professionals through a two-day course based around problem-solving scenarios designed “to support a move to cloud-based computing”.