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    Pure Rosehip Seed Oil Virgin Organic
    Health and Beauty (NZ Fusion Botanicals)

    NZ Fusion Botanicals

    List Price: $10.80
    Price: $10.80

    • European-style glass dropper amber glass bottle
    • Please note: no rose flower aroma because this oil is extracted from seeds, not flowers
    • Pure rosehip seed oil cosmetic oil
    • No preservatives or additives; just pure oil
    • Fast-absorbing - Excellent skin enhancement oil rich in natural Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic and Linolenic Acids

    Rosehip Seed Oil, THE QUEEN of Skin and Hair care: Moisturizes, Rejuvenates & Protects skin, for balanced tone & texture, Rich in Vitamins A,C,E– Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined by Capella Beauty, 1oz
    Beauty (Capella Beauty)

    Capella Beauty

    List Price: $28.95
    Price: $28.95

    • <p>✅  BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and treats infections</p>
    • <p>✅ NATURAL SKIN REGENERATION TREATMENT. There’s no other skin oil that is so targeted for face and           skin care and health</p>
    • <p>✅ DON’T MISS OUT on one of the most popular essential oils in the world, there is no better oil for skin care:         Corrects dark spots, reduces scars and fine lines, Hydrates and moisturizes</p>
    • <p>✅ CAPELLA BEAUTY Premium Rosehip Seed Oil I reduces fine lines and wrinkles and encourage production of collagen. Contains fatty acids (omega family), Vitamins C, E, B and A and incredible scent</p>
    • <p>✅ Great as a GIFT IDEA! For your friends and family. Original, high quality and affordable. Chemical, Alcohol,         Paraben and Hexane free. 100% Natural, no additives, never tested on animals</p>

In my beauty bag: Ivy Thomson of Trilogy skincare

*In my beauty bag: Jessie Jarvie of The Baby Bag
*In my beauty bag: Design guru Fiona McLeod
*In my beauty bag: Meghan Maher of fashion label Repertoire

Having fair skin, I am a big fan of sunscreen. I try to wear natural sunscreen where possible - so products that use a physical mineral block. Using a day cream with SPF is an easy way to get into the routine.

I find facials are a real treat and a great way to give your skin some TLC. It's a great chance to exfoliate and experience high quality products. I love my facials from Beth at Pour Moi Beauty.

I believe good skin can be achieved through using the appropriate cleanser for skin type, regular gentle exfoliation to keep the skin radiant and glowing and using pure plant oils like Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to deliver essential fatty acids for nourishment and repair. Keeping hydrated makes a big difference to my skin, I feel it within hours in my dry lips and skin if I have neglected to top up my water bottle.