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Trilogy Skin Care Nz

How to use oils to nourish your skin and hair

For a more affordable face oil from a local brand, there's Trilogy's ever-popular Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $48 . If you have dry, sensitive skin, this is a must-try, and it's also good on fine lines and acne scarring. Possibly best used at night so you don't have to put SPF on top of it, but the Trilogy say it works for AM or PM. Massage it into damp skin and feel brand new.

From the face to the body and one beautiful New Zealand brand to another, let's turn our attention to Antipodes' Heavenly Body Oil, $49 . Made with lavender and rosewood, it smells divine, and has all the skin-loving power of avocado oil. Pay particular attention to elbows and knees, and you'll be rewarded with unprecedented softness.

Similarly lovely is Australian brand Grown Alchemist's Body Treatment Oil, $41 . This formula relies on tamanu oil and sea buckthorn berries, and it smells like ylang ylang and sandalwood. Think of it as a very fancy hippy in skincare form. You know, the Byron Bay type. Anyway, it's moisturising without being greasy on the skin, and a pleasure to use.