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Men's hair loss treatment 'dupe' a quarter the price of leading brands

Around 70 percent of men will experience hair loss during their lifetime. Add to that the myth that a full head of hair equals virility and it's no surprise that the hair loss industry is booming – $4 billion annually in the United States alone.

If you type hair loss treatment into Google, the options are endless. Pills and potions are just a click away. Numerous specialised doctors and private companies promise hair regrowth, but for a hefty price.

But the bald truth is this, says Dr William Douglas, a GP from Whanganui: doctors have access to the same hair regrowth drugs that hair loss companies around the world are using, but for quarter of the price.

Simply put, Kiwi men are being duped by what he says is "great marketing" and instead they should head to their local GP, who will order some blood tests, before giving them a prescription of Finasteride and advice on over-the-counter topical Minoxidil.

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Does anyone know of any hair regrowth products for dogs?

I have a 1.5 year old sheltie that has some small scars around one of her eyes as a result of being repeatedly beat up by another sheltie at her previous home. Does anyone know of any hair regrowth products for dogs? The scars are about 6 months old.

If she does not have hair growing in those locations because of a scar then there is nothing you can do. The hair not growing back means that the hair follicles have been damaged and nothing will change that.

not sure if they have hair replacement for dog i wish i knowed i would tell you sorry

I know what you mean. My min pin had to get a tumor removed from the top of nose about 7 months ago and he still has a fur less scare too.

Do hair regrowth products like Rogaine and Minoxidil have to be rinsed?

I'm using minoxidil to help my facial hair grow in thicker and full. Ive heard that you have to wait atleast 2 hours for it to dry but does it have to be rinsed afterwards? Any instructions from the pros maybe?

They'll take your hair out if you stop using them. MAJOR CONa