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With $35 million in new funding, Nutrafol wants to bring wellness to the hair-loss market

In February, Nutrafol launched Targeted Boosters addressing concerns like liver health, as well as stress adaptogen capsules and a vitamin B elixir. Each is meant to help address acute underlying causes of hair loss. And in March , the company followed up on the launch by debuting a new website and packaging branding including a five-minute quiz facilitating personalized product recommendations for participants — questions are centered on hormone and stress levels, as well as gut health.

“We focus on hair, but we are really addressing wellness,” said Tsetis. “Rather than hair loss, we’re focused on hair wellness.”

Since March, Nutrafol has been trying to reach the wider public through new marketing initiatives, which stress hair care-as-wellness. The focus is gaining traction across the beauty and wellness industries, with brands like Briogeo , Allyoos and Hims also latching onto the idea that people should treat their scalp and hair the way they do their skin. Likewise, they’re marketing the fact that what happens inside the body is reflected in one’s hair.

Does anyone know of any hair regrowth products for dogs?

I have a 1.5 year old sheltie that has some small scars around one of her eyes as a result of being repeatedly beat up by another sheltie at her previous home. Does anyone know of any hair regrowth products for dogs? The scars are about 6 months old.

If she does not have hair growing in those locations because of a scar then there is nothing you can do. The hair not growing back means that the hair follicles have been damaged and nothing will change that.

not sure if they have hair replacement for dog i wish i knowed i would tell you sorry

I know what you mean. My min pin had to get a tumor removed from the top of nose about 7 months ago and he still has a fur less scare too.

Do hair regrowth products like Rogaine and Minoxidil have to be rinsed?

I'm using minoxidil to help my facial hair grow in thicker and full. Ive heard that you have to wait atleast 2 hours for it to dry but does it have to be rinsed afterwards? Any instructions from the pros maybe?

They'll take your hair out if you stop using them. MAJOR CONa