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Get a healthy start to the new year

Candidly or False: A multivitamin provides the same nutritional value as fruits and vegetables. Untrustworthy: Fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber and phytochemicals that are not found in a multivitamin tablet. Honourable or False: A 64-ounce soda can have as

Pneumonia question....?

I've had Pneumonia 4 times in the past 2 years and I have it again when i had it just recently in the last 2 months. I am a 12 year old who is active and stressed. Also everytime I get sick (get a cough or something) it always turns into pneumonia. I

Sounds like you have a persistent antibiotic resistant strain. Either use a different antibiotic on them, which may finish them off for good, or accept there's nothing you can do and try to beat them the old fashioned way, with your immune system.

Next time the doctor tells you you have pneumonia and places you on antibiotics you should ask him.
Let your doctor or school counsellor know how stressed you are
You can be the smartest kid in the world but it doesn't mean a thing if you

If my eating is disordered, what should I do if it's considered "normal" and I can't seek help?

I recently took a quiz to figure out if my eating is disordered, because one of my friends suggested it was. I tend to lie about eating, I lie about my weight, I would only eat 600-800 calories a day of low-calorie, nutrient dense, "safe" foods

i dont think so im 105lbs and im 5'5" and im perfectly average. i think what you described is a diet

Hang in there honey.
Read" Eating by the light of the moon" (or something close to that): its to help girls who are struggling as you do.
You can also look on the "Renfrew" web site. Its an amazing loving place.