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    JYM Supplement Science, VITA JYM, Sports Multivitamin Designed for Athletes, 60 Tablets
    Health and Beauty (JYM Supplement Science)

    JYM Supplement Science

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    • QUALITY MATTERS: Vitamins A and K in particular are included in Vita JYM in their most effective forms - beta-carotene (A) and menaquinone (K2) - to deliver the best possible benefits.
    • OVER 25 KEY INGREDIENTS: Vita JYM packs important micronutrients like A, B-complex, C, E and K vitamins, and iron, and chromium  - all in adequate doses and in highly-absorbable forms.
    • THE ATHLETE'S MULTIVITAMIN: Just the right amounts of the right vitamins and minerals, designed specifically for athletes and others who hit the gym hard and expect results.
    • MAXIMIZING ABSORPTION: Zinc, magnesium and calcium interfere with the uptake of other key micronutrients and amino acids in the body, so these minerals were intentionally left out of Vita JYM. The result is a net gain, not a loss. Vita JYM also includes BioPerine®  to enhance absorption of all ingredients.

    Dr Mercola Whole Food Multivitamin PLUS Tablets - 240 per Bottle - 30-day Supply - High-Potency Antioxidant Formula - Vital Minerals - Supports Healthy Vision, Immune System, Muscles, Vision & More
    Health and Beauty (Dr. Mercola)

    Dr. Mercola

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    Price: $47.97

    • Calcium: Your Bones Will Thank You! As we age, calcium becomes more and more important to promote healthy bones*--but be careful! Too much calcium can cause bones to become brittle. That's why Dr. Mercola has included an optimal amount of calcium in his Whole Food Multivitamin Plus formula.
    • All the B's! Most multivitamins skimp on B vitamins, but not Dr. Mercola's Whole Food Multivitamin Plus! Every whole-food tablet is packed with B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-7 (biotin), B-12, and folic acid. Why? To deliver added health support to your cardiovascular, immune, and neurological systems.*
    • Don't Forget Your Fruits and Vegetables! Dr. Mercola's Whole Food Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals contains select extracts and powders from more than 25 fruits, vegetables, and herbs--all carefully formulated to deliver healthy, clean support to your body's vital systems.
    • Magnesium Power! Scientific studies have reported that magnesium is helpful in supporting your lungs and overall pulmonary system. So don't settle for a multivitamin without it!*
    • All Systems Go! Dr. Mercola's Whole Food Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals supports your body's critical functions. Your immune system is supported by natural beta-carotene, selenium, L-cysteine, and lycopene. Beta-carotene and lutein promote healthy vision, while Vitamin C promotes tissue growth and repair, as well as healthy gums. Vitamin E supports your muscular system, L-cysteine your respiratory system, and red wine proanthocyanidins provide cardiovascular system support.*

Judging value of vitamins

Very few eat enough whole grains and most eat too much cleansed foods. Consuming enough nutrients at the right times is very important to athletes. An athlete would have to eat a lot of supplemental nutrient-dense foods to meet his or her nutritional needs and

New Year, New You Part III Even better results in two minutes a day

And, if you haven't started, it's not too up to date to make sure your 2012 weight loss resolutions in reality happen. It matters not at all if you really haven't made much (or any) headway so far. Presentiment bad about what you should've done only demoralizes you

'Why People Aren't Disclosing Their HIV Status'

Handful two: anxiety - thinking too much, fear of stigma. Then, poverty. These three things are what slay people. The biggest of them is poverty. Poverty, because you can't get what you want to eat even when you positive what you should eat; poverty,

Eat your way to a more beautiful beard

There's not too much you can do about a receding hairline, other than blasphemy your gene pool. But facial hair is a different story. "The get of your facial hair directly corresponds to the health of your body," says Jim Silver, registered dietitian

Five natural remedies for strong and shiny nails

Give these remedies a try for strong and shiny nails that your friends will envy!

1. Make sure you’re getting enough essential vitamins

A vitamin B group deficiency is not only more likely as you get older, but it can lead to dry and brittle nails, amongst other health issues. Increasing your intake of vitamin B rich foods such as pork, poultry, soya beans, fish, bread, and wholegrain cereals, or taking a supplement if necessary will have you on your way to healthy nails (and probably feeling better all over). Other vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as iron, vitamin C, and zinc can cause issues such as nails splitting, so look at your diet, and get a good multivitamin. 

2. Drink lots of water

It’s one of the simplest things, but so many people in our busy society just aren’t drinking enough water, which can really wreak havoc on the condition of your skin, hair, and nails. One great way to start drinking more water is to have a glass or two each time you walk into the kitchen. 

Is taking a vitamin E supplement and a daily multivitamin too much vitamin E?

I am taking vitamin E supplements (400 I.U. 1333% of daily value) and Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements (1000mg), is there any problem with also taking a daily multivitamin (which has 100% of the daily value of vitamin E, 30 I.U.). I'm mostly concerned about

i wouldn't take vitamin E supplements AND multivitamins. thats probably too much vitamin E and you are right it IS fat soluble! i'd stick with EITHER multivitamin OR the supplements. are you sure you don't get vitamin E in your daily diet? i think omega

i wouldn't take vitamin E supplements AND multivitamins. thats probably too much vitamin E and you are right it IS fat soluble! i'd stick with EITHER multivitamin OR the supplements. are you sure you don't get vitamin E in your daily diet? i think omega

Is taking Spirulina and a daily multivitamin too much?

Right now I'm taking 2-4 capsules of Spirulina a day at 750 mg per, and one One A Day. Just want to make sure I'm not going to OD on anything, especially minerals.

You'll be fine.
Just be careful of your intake of fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K.