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Why Is My Pee Cloudy? 7 Things Your Pee Might Be Trying To Tell You

Why Is My Pee Cloudy? 7 Things Your Pee Might Be Trying To Tell You Consuming a lot of this particular vitamin, whether it's through food or a supplement, turns your urine bright or dark yellow, or even orange. So before you jump the gun and scare yourself into chugging a gallon of water, take a look at your diet and

You Asked: What Can My Pee Tell Me About My Health?

You Asked: What Can My Pee Tell Me About My Health? Likewise, some supplements or multivitamins produce bright yellow urine, almost electric in color. When it comes to the smell of your pee, “odor is not predictive of much,” Moore says. But extra bubbly or foamy pee could mean you have too much protein

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Sources, Benefits and Dosage

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Sources, Benefits and Dosage Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin that is flushed out of the body daily, so it must be restored each day. The best way to get this vitamin is by eating foods that are rich in riboflavin. Riboflavin is found in eggs, nuts, dairy products, meats

What Dark Urine Means, and 13 Other Things Your Pee's Color and Smell Is ...

What Dark Urine Means, and 13 Other Things Your Pee's Color and Smell Is ... You just took a multi-vitamin, right? But the nearly neon urine is not a sign of your new vitamin-related superpowers; bright yellow pee is just a side effect of B2, which is included in most multi-vitamins. Did you know that B2 is the same as

Can a drink really make skin look younger?

Can a drink really make skin look younger? Many nutricosmetics are also marketed around the power of antioxidants – molecules that help to delay or prevent some types of cell damage – such as good old vitamin C. But in nutricosmetics, they are being branded as something more sensational.

What Your Urine Color Is Trying to Tell You

Is water soluble, which means the body can't store it, so any excess amounts exit through your urine and give it that lovely neon shade. (P.S. Here's why B vitamins are so important for energy .) Red

As every beet lover knows, foods can affect the color of your pee (beets are just one of the healthy foods with a bizarre side effect ). But if the redness doesn't go away within 24 hours or so, it's time to consider what else could be going on, since red urine is the most alarming shade, Dr. Buffington says. "The thing we worry about in people who have red urine is that something's bleeding in their urinary tract," he says. "We think of kidney stones, a kidney tumor, or a bladder tumor." Bladder tumors are often accompanied by no other symptoms, so red pee is the first sign that something's up. Don't let your mind go straight to a worst-case scenario, though. "The most common reason that a woman would have blood in her urine is a bladder infection," Dr. Buffington says. Yep—a UTI could

Whenever I take a multivitamin, my pee is really yellow?

Does this mean it's not being absorbed and is wasted?

Some of the vitamins in a multivitamin are water soluble and what ever your body doesn't use will be flushed out with your urine causing your urine to have a bright yellow or greenish hue. It is common and nothing to be concerned with.

some B vitamins cause that.

Possibly. You should consult your family doctor if it really concerns you.

Drinking Multivitamin to color pee to yellow ?

As above

And...the question is?

No, don't drink your pee. It is not a multivitamin.

Why would you want to make it yellow?

Urine is usually yellow when the body is dehydrated. Just stop drinking water for a day.