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    Stress Balls Puffer Stress Relief Toys Value Assortment Bulk 1 Dozen Stress Relax Toy Balls, Squeeze Ball Puffer Ball Assortment Most Popular Selection of Hand Exercise Balls & Therapy Balls
    Sports (Neliblu)


    List Price: $12.97

    • GREAT SQUEEZE BALLS FOR STRESS RELIEF. Hand chosen world favorite selection of Stress balls squishies, frustration balls, therapeutic balls, and puffer balls are proven to relieve stress as all of your energy and focus is being redirected and taken out on the stress ball.
    • STRESS BALLS TAKES THERAPY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. These stress toys have been handpicked to help kids with autism or ADHD focus and manage daily stress.
    • PERFECT TOOL TO HELP YOU WITH MUSCULAR RELAXATION. The benefit of squeezing is renowned to releases some kind of energy that induces you to relax.
    • Buy with confidence! Backed by Neliblu 100% money back guarantee and manufacturer's warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller. 100% brand new and high quality toys.
    • A STRESS BALL IS A GREAT SELF REGULATION THERAPY TOOL that can help facilitate focusing and concentration!

    JOEYANK Fidget Cube New Version Fidget Finger Toys - Infinity Cube prime for Stress and Anxiety relief/ADHD, Ultra Durable
    Toy (Generic)


    List Price: $18.70
    Price: $45.99
    You Save: $26.11 (57%)

    • Edc focus toys: Great for fidget, anxiety, adhd, autism, staying awake and other attention disorder issues, like nail biting, smoking, leg shaking, etc.
    • INFINITY CUBE - Infinity Cube is made from premium anodized aluminum alloy,CNC machined.The foldable Infinity Cube is composed of eight small cubes.Each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle.Hold in one hand and make in any shape you like.
    • PERFECT GIFT CHOICE - Suitable for Adults and kids over 8 years old and the beautiful high-quality retail packaging included makes our fidget spinner the ideal present for any family member or for your friends.
    • EASY TO CARRY: It is simple, lightweight, pocket size and fun, also effective for focus and deep Thought.

Fuego volcano's child survivors: 'Mummy, I don't want to die'

San Juan Altoenango, Guatemala - Six-year-old Caty told her mum that she didn't want to die as a thick, dark cloud engulfed their village of El Porvenir one week ago.

Caty, her parents and four-year-old brother Anthony were among the more than 12,000 Guatemalans who were evacuated following the eruption of the Fuego volcano, which left at least 110 people dead.

"She was crying and hugging her cousin while Anthony just stared at me," Mirza Toma, Caty's mother, tells Al Jazeera.

"He's too young to understand what's going on," 28-year-old Toma says.

Toma and her children now sleep on a foam mattress in a cramped shelter in the town of San Juan Alotenango, where they have to wait in a long line to receive food and use the toilet.

Meanwhile, her sisters scour the morgues in search of their missing daughters, aged six and 14.

They were last seen running down the street and are among the 197 people who are still missing.

Help me out here please, I am looking for a store or site(s) that sell stress relief toys. The catch is....?

the store or site has to have no minimum order value and I do not care to put a company logo on them.

I have found but they have been out of what I wanted for the past few weeks. Do you know of any similar sites

contact cindy @

she usually does have minimums but many times she can get away with that.

Contact her. I'm SURE she can help you out or direct you to the correct place.

tell me if this web site h;_ylt=A0oG kx34P7lG2KkAlptXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&fr=ks- ques&p=a+store+or+sites%29+that+sell +stress+relief+toys.&SpellState=n-59 6948743_q-hxTOUlpoTIUt.1boQBD6kAAAAA%40% 40&fr2=sp-topelps

Office Playground is GREAT!

Would you be interested in helping me make this stress reliever? Breast-Stress-Relief-Toy/

I was hoping someone would serve as the mold for me

you can borrow one of mine.... you'll need both hands.

For some reason, i would think jerking off would be better stress relief that feeling a plastic tata...
want a hand?

Im sure that Mythbusters would know how to make one of those.