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The Healthy Skeptic: Hangover remedies

The Healthy Skeptic: Hangover remedies By Chris Woolston, Particular to the A grinding headache, an upset stomach, a sudden desire to turn down the volume on the undiminished world — a hangover is no way to start a new year. Of course, there's one reliable way to avoid a hangover

Eat right, feel better

These insipid, easily digestible foods won't bother a sick stomach. Dodge dairy products, which can upset a stomach. “You don't want to put anything in your stomach that is going to facilitate a make up for it feel worse. So go bland and not too much sugar.

How Bettina Osmeña healed her hyperacidity

How Bettina Osmeña healed her hyperacidity Castillo instantaneously felt the benefits. “It has calmed down my digestive system. I no longer get an upset stomach. I take AloeCure to make my stomach for the day,” says Castillo. Now she can enjoy her Pinoy breakfast of fried rice, tinapa and coffee

New Year's Hangover Cure: Less Booze, More H2O

New Year's Hangover Cure: Less Booze, More H2O That is based on an unproven theory that those compounds undertaking the body to make toxins that upset the stomach and cause other hangover symptoms, said Howland, a researcher in the pinch medicine department. But no one really knows what causes

Do multivitamin upset a person stomach?

I want to know because i have a week stomach. I had this laseration in my stomach that almost turn into ulcers so i can drink coca or eat spicy food alot becuse right away i get a burnning sensation anyways will multivitamin upset my stomach or help or

vitamins bother some people's stomachs, but less so if they take them with food or milk. try that.

Why do I get an upset stomach from my multivitamin?

I have a multivitamin pill that a take a few times a week. It says 'take with food' so I generally take it halfway through my breakfast. Quite often, this gives me an upset stomach and has been doing so for years. What's the problem?

I had this problem and have discovered it is better if I take it with lunch or dinner as more food is usually eaten then at breakfast. The other thing I found is any sort of citrus eaten or drank at the same time as the vitamin sends me for a loop as

Are you drinking orange juice with it? If so don't. And my guess is your breakfast meal doesn't contain enough food. I"d take the vitamin with dinner (usually a more full & complete meal.)

I had this problem and have discovered it is better if I take it with lunch or dinner as more food is usually eaten then at breakfast. The other thing I found is any sort of citrus eaten or drank at the same time as the vitamin sends me for a loop as