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Students participate in 'less stress week' before finals

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) – Studying for finals can be stressful.

So to help cope with the pressure, students at Morningside College created their very own stress balls, today.

‘Active Minds’, a student group on campus that supports mental health awareness and education for students, put together “Stress Less Week”.

It’s a week that features a series of activities designed to help the students relax, and deal with the nerves that come along with finals.

At today’s event, students could stop in, add some flour to a balloon, and walk out with their very own stress relief ball.

But, members of the campus group say it’s not really about the stress ball itself, but more about taking a break from non-stop studying.

“By taking breaks, it really helps. People just have healthier mental health as they go throughout the week. And they can stay more focused when they do study .” said Clare Kortlever, Secretary of ‘Active Minds’ at Morningside.

The stress relief ball that Topher had in Dollhouse?

I am watching Dollhouse a little late. Topher had a stress relief ball made of a bunch of smaller balls that lit up randomly. It was during the episode where they all have that hallucinogenic drug floating around that school campus. I'd like to find a

I haven't actually seen dollhouse, but from your description I'm guessing it's this; -Stress-Ball-P154.aspx

Hope that's right.

There was an article yesterday on Yahoo's homepage about stress relief tips using a tennis ball?

And now i can't find it! Should of bookmarked it, but of course i didn't. Anyone have the link?

I'll give you a link that just may be the one you're looking for. Hope it's the one! al/the-perfect-office-stress-relief-tool -a-tennis-ball/