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Balls & Strikes: Dallas Keuchel displeased after Astros' win over Rangers

Giles played a significant role in keeping the Astros in the game. He earned the ceremonious pitcher's Robe of the Game for recording five outs without allowing a hit.

After Tony Sipp undid a mess Keuchel left in the fifth, Giles inherited a runner from Sipp in the sixth.

Giles issued his second walk of the season to make his outing dicey, but he battled his way out of his own jam. After a fly out, Giles fought back from 1-0 against Kiner-Falefa with seven consecutive strikes. Kiner-Falefa impressively fouled off pitches until Giles caught him looking at a low slider.

Giles pitched a clean seventh inning.

"Doing my job, giving us a chance to win, whatever the cost may be," Giles said. "It was a right step in the right direction. Keeping a positive mindset. I'm old enough to not put stress on myself. I enjoyed giving my team a chance to win. It all worked out."

It was the best Giles had pitched in a while in a non-save outing. In 12 non-save situations before Sunday, Giles had a 9.82 ERA (12 ER/11 IP) and allowed a .333 (19-for-57) opponents' batting average.

The stress relief ball that Topher had in Dollhouse?

I am watching Dollhouse a little late. Topher had a stress relief ball made of a bunch of smaller balls that lit up randomly. It was during the episode where they all have that hallucinogenic drug floating around that school campus. I'd like to find a

I haven't actually seen dollhouse, but from your description I'm guessing it's this; -Stress-Ball-P154.aspx

Hope that's right.

There was an article yesterday on Yahoo's homepage about stress relief tips using a tennis ball?

And now i can't find it! Should of bookmarked it, but of course i didn't. Anyone have the link?

I'll give you a link that just may be the one you're looking for. Hope it's the one! al/the-perfect-office-stress-relief-tool -a-tennis-ball/