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multivitamin overdose symptoms

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Have Google & your besties got you popping too many pills?

Every morning, a handful of pills goes down with my breakfast. A soft golden oval of evening primrose oil, a too-large vitamin C tablet, a bitter echinacea pill, then two capsules: magnesium and a probiotic. Once a month, there's a nuclear red and extremely painful shot of vitamin B12.

None of these is swallowed for medical reasons, but out of a belief in their prophylactic properties based on the recommendations of doctors and our trusty online friend Dr Google.

Am I superhuman at the end of all this?

Probably not, but along with millions of people around the world who are pill-popping for prevention, I do it to feel healthier and theoretically live longer.

A study this year showed that South Africans now spend R5-billion a year on vitamins and supplements, a figure that has grown about 13% a year since 2012.


Globally, the vitamin and dietary supplement market was valued at $132.8-billion in 2016, with at least 9% annual growth, says Yashvir Maharaj, research director of Insight Survey, the company that produced the local report.

does a multivitamin overdose leave long term effects?

does overdosing on a multivitamin pill which has minerals by taking 2 instead of 1, even though the person has no symptoms leave long term effects ?

Some vitamins are water soluble which when taken in excess will be drained off through urine.
Fat soluble vitamins may accumulate in the body and can definitely cause ill effects when continuously taken in over doses.

No. When I have a hard workout day, I take 2 pills instead of 1. If you do it once in a while, it won't hurt you.

no not really the body will get rid of unwanted vits but its not advisable to do it intentionally

How to reverse the effects of a multivitamin overdose?

I have been taking recently the Centrum Performance multivitamin and I had to stop it. Though I followed the one-a-day with-food guideline I have all of the symptoms of a multivitamin overdose. Maybe it's just me. Let me give you the label information

Easy. Stop taking the multivitamin.

They are really unnecessary for anybody eating a balanced diet anyway...

What overdose are you concerned with? The most dangerous overdoses are Vitamin D and Vitamin A, although it looks

Easy. Stop taking the multivitamin.

They are really unnecessary for anybody eating a balanced diet anyway...

What overdose are you concerned with? The most dangerous overdoses are Vitamin D and Vitamin A, although it looks

Generally for most people, eating a balanced diet using the Dietary Guidelines or Healthy Diet Pyramid as a guide will provide all the essential nutrients in adequate amounts.

Therefore, it is not necessary to take additional vitamin and